Cleopatra: Queen of Sex

Cleopatra: Queen of Sex

In order to foil the enemy aliens' "Cleopatra Plan", three people from the future are spiritually sent back to Cleopatra's time to understand the enemy intentions.

Three people from the future are spiritually sent back in time to relive the era of Caesar, Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. As close companions to these key historical figures, they seek to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Cleopatra: Queen of Sex torrent reviews

Ben J (jp) wrote: It definitely is a spooky and intense film. Its like the Blair Witch Project but with things actually happening, however the acting is what some people get up on. I would recommend it though.

Robbie M (gb) wrote: Dwayne Johnson does try at least..

Asma M (jp) wrote: It was really good! The songs were good too!

Robert B (br) wrote: Kamikaze Girls is a zany and silly comedy that works mainly on account of the dynamic between the two female leads. The film is different, refreshing, and worth a view.

shelly d (us) wrote: Don't laugh, it's a good movie!

Steve S (us) wrote: Finally a decent movie, acting is really good, production is fairly flawless... Ok so the opening scene is panties on the clothes line & a catchy 50 something lala tune, so it cant be that bad...Admittedly the movie is about a 50 something year old bloke who wants to cut his dick off to be a sheila but there's a message in there somewhere, I think its about tolerance & acceptance but I could be wrong...Anyway you can respond to my critique and tell me I fucked up, not that I'll give a shit - then again I'm still pissed and it could be the 1/2 bottle of scotch I scoffed or the odd 5 or 10 beers, ner, care factor - I liked it even though the thought of getting the chop isn't that appealing..Oh well the movie is well worth the effort to see even if (like me) the idea of wearing a frock isn't that enthralling...

Javor B (jp) wrote: Probably the best film based on 11'09''01 events.

Liie R (br) wrote: Doesn't warrant an review really - only watched because of the Hamish & Andy feature

Mike W (ca) wrote: DiCaprio and Hanks are brilliant!

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