A workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.

Being a workaholic man, the time that Michael spends on family is extremely meager. One day he accidentally gets a miraculous control. He can stop or pass any moment. When the automatic control can create its own memory through the quick buffet for the period then Michael realizes that he had wasted too much time and had not spent enough time for his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter S (us) wrote: All aspects of this film are horrific and despicable.

Rose O (ru) wrote: Probably the worst movie I've seen in awhile. It starts off great and even continues to be engaging. However, the ending completely ruined the entire movie. The entire film kept building you up and then nothing happens and the movie ends! Complete let down!

John W (fr) wrote: interesting movie as we watch the lead character become increasingly delusional and out of touch, we're forced to ask was he pushed or did he jump? We're all influenced by outside factors, but at what point does that become excuse-making? What happens when we fail to hold ourselves accountable to ourselves?

Al H (br) wrote: A Film Full of Urban Poetry

Christopher B (us) wrote: How could a movie with Diamond Dallas Page playing a head of a Boot Camp...Boot Camp...Boot Camp suck? Watch this lame-o film to find out...or better yet, don't watch it.

Manu G (au) wrote: When you're searching for a killer... the last suspect you want to see is your son.Good movie. Very good acting role by Robert De Niro as always brings his best. James Franco did a superb job too as a junkie on the run. The story was sad and depressing in a way and I can imagine what a dad must feel like in that situation. All-around a fair enough good solid movie.New York City homicide detective Vincent LaMarca has forged a long and distinguished career in law enforcement, making a name for himself as a man intensely committed to his work. But on his latest case, the stakes are higher for Vincent--the suspect he's investigating is his own son. He and Joey have been painfully estranged ever since Vincent divorced his wife and left the decaying boardwalks of Long Beach, Long Island for the anonymity of Manhattan and a successful career with the NYPD. He lives his life in solitude, keeping his girlfriend at arm's length; the closest relationship he maintains is with his partner, Reg--and Vincent makes sure that stops at the precinct door. As long as Vincent lives in the protection of the present, he doesn't have to deal with the pain of his past--or his sorrow over his broken relationship with Joey. But this murder investigation is drawing Vincent home to Long Beach, the self-proclaimed City by the Sea, where the past has been waiting for him to return. The agonizing memory that has tortured him all his life--the death of his father, a convicted murderer who was executed when Vincent was just a boy--still plagues him. In the course of the investigation, he discovers that his own unresolved pain and failures as a father have deeply influenced Joey's life, and now his 18-month-old grandson may be fated to follow their self-destructive paths.

Rohit A (kr) wrote: I found it funny that Marc Anthony is on the cover, since he is only in the movie for like 10 minutes.. Haha.. Pretty eye-opening. I liked Edward James Olmos' performance as the dictator.

Corey W (es) wrote: They tried to combine Alien and The Thing, and the result was an abomination.

Kelly B (ru) wrote: i love this film and have seen it many times b4 but would ike too get hold of it on dvd. does anyone kno where and how i can get??? many thanks too anyone who know's.

Daniel P (es) wrote: The cast, the score, the plot, and the hilarious interplay and situations all contribute to Back to the Future's status as a pop culture classic.

Hawk (gb) wrote: You have to take these type of movies for what they are, an homage to schlock cinema of the late 80's/early 90s, and to that extent the movie performs very well. There's lots of claymation and stop motion on display, and the whole film has a unusual frame rate that makes the whole thing seem like an early 90's multi media video game. Adding to the joy of this a great ammount of the voicework is dubbed, for no reason other than to do it, and very often the dubbed voices will seemingly not match the character at all. The story is passable, but it's not really a film about the story, so much as it is the pitch perfect parody.

Ashley H (us) wrote: This movie was so weird to me... the number one weird thing being, I could have sworn the Devil's son was the Antichrist, not a male witch, aka warlock, think about it...