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Vietnam. 1969. Sgt. Joe G. is on a recon mission in Cambodian looking for the 9th Viet Cong Battalion's radio jamming support group. Meanwhile, slacker PFC C.J. Parker of the 4th Infantry ...

. . Parker of the 4th Infantry . J. Meanwhile, slacker PFC C. is on a recon mission in Cambodian looking for the 9th Viet Cong Battalion's radio jamming support group. Joe G. Sgt. 1969. Vietnam

Click... a 'Nam War Flick is the best great movie of Steven Kahler (screenplay). The released year of this movie is 2003. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Kate Beckinsale, Gabriel Macht, Tom Skerritt, Columbus Short, Alex O'Loughlin, Shawn Doyle, Joel Keller, Jesse Todd, Arthur Holden, Erin Hickock, Bashar Rahal, Julian Cain, Dennis Keiffer, Brandon Ambrose, Helen Dinand, John Martin, Andy Jean, Robert Day, Dan Doan, Yen Mericle, Louis Fernandez, Chris Richards, Mack Wei, Greg Sproles, Brett Hipsley, Rafael Blanes, David Tate. Movie' genres are War. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 7 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends

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Users reviews

Brad S (es)

his is another MUST watch film!. It really is a great film that I think most people can relate to or understand in some way. The film is about a Professor played by legendary director Sjorstrom, who was Bergman's idol, who is traveling across Sweden to receive a big honour, the trip allows him time to visit places from his youth and be introspective. I hadn't seen it in ages, so it was nice to revisit it on Blu-ray for which is had a new digital 2k restoration and looked absolutely fantastic. Such a beautiful film, probably my favourite of Bergman's

D M (gb)

5. 3. Some funny office dynamics plus clever commentary on the corporate world make this a fun watch for fans of Netherbeast Incorporated and Stalled. The new employee was trained in a Romanian business school where he learned to use vampirism to motivate the workers. A new sales manager is brought in to help a struggling firm with several beta and slacker employees

Eugene B (fr)

/5. 28 Days Later's combination of heart-pounding terror and gritty realism conjure up a fascinating take on a zombie/infection/plague tale and its real-world-situational trope. Menacing, grisly and bloody-brilliant to its core

ken k (au)

eautifully shot and written showcasing the English countryside and the horrors of war,. Ronan is captivating and her supporting cast is terrific. Does a complete 180 with grace and believability. What a great film

Kristen P (jp)

Janeane Garafalo and Lisa Kudrow kill me in this movie, as well as that amazing dance sequence

Meow T (mx)

Surprisingly good movie that started a great franchise

Paul J (nl)

ow can you not love our mute protagonist?. That said, there is a certain feminist message here. But what it lacks in sophistication, it makes up for in exploitation. It's far from sophisticated. Just don't expect class. Cool, absurdly funny and highly entertaining. All in all, this is the epitome of sleazy grindhouse entertainment. What more do you want? The slow-mo action sequences are memorable and the hard-core porn inserts are quite shocking. Our heroine is a mute, one-eyed, prostitute, heroin-addicted killer. Clearly, Tarantino was a huge fan, since Kill Bill owes a thing or two to this cult classic. Some of the cinematic and musical/sound design choices are very original and exciting. The original Snake Plisskin! This Swedish video nasty is pretty darn entertaining

Sean L (ca)

The cast looks great on paper, but it's a jumble of overacting dramatics and is just not worth watching. Terrible things keep happening to a group of characters whom you really aren't given reason to like in the first place

Short Horror R (au)

nnerving & genuinely creepy at times. Manages to really put you in the mindset of the three protagonists

Tom H (kr)

16. 02. 2012,07. 12. 29