When his brother asks him to look after his young son, Clifford, Martin Daniels agrees, taking the boy into his home and introducing him to his future wife, Sarah. Clifford is fixated on the idea of visiting a famed theme park, and Martin, an engineer who helped build the park, makes plans to take him. But, when Clifford reveals himself to be a first-rate brat, his uncle goes bonkers, and a loony inter-generational standoff ensues.

Clifford is a ten-year-old troublemaker, who puts not only his parents through hell, but also his uncle with whom his parents have discarded him to. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Clifford torrent reviews

Dilhara A (it) wrote: extremely enjoyable. quite funny. Well acted. Ending was kinda inconclusive.

Jaclyn L (it) wrote: This was really interesting but kind of makes me scared to travel. I think she's innocent which makes it sad she's in prison for 20 years.

Brandon C (nl) wrote: Dreadful, man was this movie bad. The acting is terrible, I actually was intrigued going in because I love Emily Deschanel in Bones, but she is bad in this movie, I am thinking it was more of a script issue. The real problem with this movie is it is borderline incomprehensible. You never really know what the hell is going on, sometimes there are flashbacks, sometimes there is the leads imagination running away with him, and sometimes there are strange things happening to him, but you never really know which is which and have a seriously hard time following what is happening in the movie. And what is so sad here is that his movie really felt like it had potential, but it was just totally wasted. For ninety percent of the movie you don't see the Boogeyman, his always just out of sight and that was the best part of the movie, because you shouldn't see the the Boogeyman, that is kind of the point of the Boogeyman, but then they decide we have to see him, and wow he looks like a crackhead. Don't waste your time on this movie.

Dan Z (gb) wrote: Literally the worst movie I have ever seen. Just awful.

Martin S (us) wrote: Did I remember this movie wrong or what?....It wasn't good....I thought the beginning was the best part...but that wasn't good at all....and it didn't get better after that. awful dialogue as well...This went from one of the best van damme movies to one of the worst.

El T (nl) wrote: As creature features go, utterly disposable. A few nice one-liners.

george m (jp) wrote: James Gardner is one of the all time great male cool actors. This movie has a great supporting cast. If you like the Rockford files (TV) and the 1994 Maverick Remake (Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner). Great supporting cast, Suzanne Pleshette, Jack Elam (you will recognize, great supporting actors) and Harry Morgan to name a few. This is a sequel of sorts to Support Your Local Sheriff, also good. If you are a fan of Western Comedy you should see.

Patrick W (mx) wrote: Jeff Bridges is a college professor who begins to suspect that his neighbor might be a terrorist. This movie's plot twists right down to the very end of the film were amazing. They kept you guessing and wondering what was going to happen. Jeff Bridges turns in a remarkably paranoid performance in this one. For some reason it seems like a lot of people haven't seen this movie but it is definitely not to be missed.