2525 A.D. Man has colonized the stars. The wealthy and powerful implant their brains in cloned versions of themselves to gain immortality. As a side-effect, occasionally a clone develops mutant abilities. A clonehunter and his new partner have to track down a clone who threatens to destroy the planet unless the rich man he was cloned for gives him all his wealth.

2525 A.D. Man has colonized the stars. The wealthy and powerful implant their brains in cloned versions of themselves to gain immortality. As a side-effect, occasionally a clone develops ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Clonehunter torrent reviews

Heather M (gb) wrote: It was an interesting choice to edit this movie's cover photo and slim down Blonsky's picture. I think that is very representative of this entire movie. There is way too much time spent on calling this girl fat and not enough on any other topic in this movie. No part of this movie feels authentic.

Marcie K (br) wrote: this was entertaining. if you like wierd B-sih zombie movies you'll like this one. Its gross, funny, and rediculous and you'll be laughing while you're cringing. Worth a rental if you're into zombies.

Angelina F (es) wrote: I love this movie !! I LOVE Kristen Stewart. All of you haterz can go to hell !! Leave KStew the f--- alone !!

Brady S (ag) wrote: A fun action packed late 90's movie. It's cheesy but I fuckin' love it. Not as a Independence Day or The Rock or other cheesy high octane action films of the decade but still a lot of fun. Worth a watch.

Tim B (jp) wrote: Mediocre success with Psycho 3 landed this fourth chapter straight to Cable TV. Usually, that's a bad sign, but seeing as how they had great actors in it (Anthony Perkins is back? Sold), I decided to give it another whirl. I'll give this sequel this; they definitely wanted to honour the original film and that came through in spades here. The fact being that it was a prequel, the fact that Joseph Stefano (who wrote the first one) penned the screenplay, the fact that Anthony Perkins back in the title role for a fourth time and the fact that the original classic score is used. Enough? Mick Garris did a low-key but serviceable job. He got creative when it was due and I love his scene transitions from past to present (and vice versa). Also appreciated the odd shot he'd mimic from the original Psycho. Anthony Perkins performance in this made me love Norman Bates. I know, he's a full fledged loony but the emotion he brings to this role, just while telling his story, made me stay on his side the whole time. I always had some sympathy towards Norman, dude had a tragic life... but here you really feel his remorse and sorrow. RIP Sir Perkins. Henry Thomas brought his own to the role of Young Norman Bates. He kept it really subtle and only at the end did he start acting like Perkins. Brilliant choice and brilliant performance from him too. Olivia Hussey took on a complex, very messed up character and this is very different from her usual roles. She would be seductive one minute and a huge bitch the next. I applaud her for taking it on. CCH Pounder did an admirable job as the radio host trying to talk Norm down and was that Warren Frost in the doctor role? You bet! Ripping out the Twin Peaks box set for the 14th time after I write this crud! Add to this some impressive set pieces, and an ending that closed the series off appropriately and you get a pretty decent sequel and genre effort. The flick definitely had its heart in the right place, so what's wrong here? Well, some scenarios did across as cheesy in parts. They were nothing that signifcantly hurt the picture, but there were moments where I smirked more than felt suspense. Olivia Hussey's role was also a bit too one dimensional for my liking. The flick hinted of a sweet Norma in parts but then dropped all that and just kept her a manipulative and crazy bitch. How about giving her at least a bit of balance? Lastly, as did Psycho 3 before it... one character who deserved the knife moreso than anyone else didn't get it. I hated the character and wanted to see them go. Alas, didn't get it. Overall, while it has its share of muck ups, Psycho 4 did a decent closing while the series was ahead and I gotta respect that. Easily my least favorite of the film series, but was a decent effort.

Brody M (it) wrote: REAL corny zombie flick with lots of gore but kinda boring after awhile

Codie E (mx) wrote: A towering performance by Michael Keaton with good support from Morgan Freeman, M. Emmet Walsh and the underrated Kathy Baker, but unfortuneatly the film moves through the obvious addiction film plot points and really loses momentum once Keaton has left rehab. Still a decent little drama.

Reginald W (fr) wrote: super fantasy fun. one of my top 10 films.

Private U (gb) wrote: Didn't know how bad a horror film could be until I saw this one.

Andr D (fr) wrote: Una cinta minimalista acerca de una pareja que al verse sometidos al despido del esposo y a un robo en su hogar, ven cuestionados sus valores y principios. "Las Nieves del Kilimanjaro" es una cinta solida, muy bien actuada, importante y pertinente acerca del perdon y la conciencia moral.

Jose Luis M (ag) wrote: Film noir por excelencia, personajes oscuros llenos de culpa y una Jane Greer como prototipo de femme fatale. Magnfica direccin de Jacques Tourneur.