Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

After an encounter with UFOs, a line worker feels undeniably drawn to an isolated area in the wilderness where something spectacular is about to happen.

The movie follows a group of people who attempt to contact alien intelligence. After an encounter with U.F.O.s, a line worker feels undeniably drawn to an isolated area in the wilderness where something spectacular is about to happen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harpreet S (us) wrote: Average film with decent performances, the film is well directed but doesn't have anything special. Very predictable, but not bad for a Bollywood film.

Kris B (br) wrote: I just found the fact that Robert was far too old to play a father of a ~10yo girl too distracting, which I'll take as the storyline not being good enough

Stephen P (ca) wrote: This is a fantastic documentary that will lead you into a small subset of the Norwegian Black Metal culture. The different aspects are quite fascinating & the members of the scene are post striking & honest.

Cita W (ca) wrote: I'm not a big dan of Robbie but, hell, I did enjoy the concert.

Konrad R (nl) wrote: I guess this is the worst Korean movie I have seen so far. Lot of fireworks, shooting and noise - without much sense... Story is not even worth mentioning... big disappointment

Lee V (au) wrote: HUGE GRANTS. I miss Andie MacDowell, our generation needs an Andi MacDowell.

Emod L (kr) wrote: 82%It's 80s schlock and it knows it, but Twilight Zone: The Movie is a creative and scary trip.

Kevin R (es) wrote: I married the woman everyone else wanted to.Fanny Trellis has no shortage of suiters, and she lives on a big wealthy house on the hill, but she really isn't as wealthy as she appears, and it's hard to tell which suitors love her versus the perception of her money. One day her brother gets in deep trouble, so she finally picks a mate, a wealthy Jewish banker that goes into the military. Fanny is very selfish, and even after marrying still receives non-stop requests to marry, but maybe this banker can teach her the meaning of true love...and maybe her selfishness will destroy him..."You're listed under business transactions."Vincent Sherman, director of The Young Philadelphian, The Hasty Heart, Adventures of Don Juan, The Last Hurrah, Young Rebel, and Lone Star, delivers Mr. Skeffington. The storyline for this picture is very compelling and interesting. The characters and script are very well written and the acting is excellent. The cast includes Bette Davis, Claude Rains, Walter Abel, and Robert Shayne."You can't really love anyone."I came across this some time ago on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and had to DVR it since it starred the legendary Bette Davis. This was a very well done piece that seemed perfect for her. She portrayed her annoying character well and the film comes together and concludes triumphantly. I strongly recommend this picture."A woman is beautiful only when she's loved."Grade: A-

Greg W (gb) wrote: pairing #3 of who were 20th century top box office draws alice faye & tyrone power they work well together added plus seeing power play a bad guy like he did in jesse james must have been fun 4 him 2 play bad too.

Heather M (it) wrote: Jamie Kennedy was hilarious in this movie. The love stories were great and the story was pretty solid. Definitely worth a watch.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Boasting a blockbuster status as a Vin Diesel movie, xXx sounded like and exhilarating thrill ride.xXx makes an attempt to cross the X-games over into action films as a means of creating a more global franchise, and because of this there is very much a feeling that the movie is one long commercial. It is clearly a very commercialized film aimed at the MTV crowd as it puts all the value on its action and soundtrack with little concern for the plot. For example, the use of Rammstein's "Feuer Frei" in the intro scene is awesomely intense and its a song that I love, as is the later use of "Bodies" by Drowning Pool. Yet in terms of narrative, the entire intro scene is rather confusing. There is just a lot of characters supposedly caught up in some kind of conspiracy at a Rammstein concert and I can't rap my head around it. But the fact is that in a film like xXx, story is not important. Yet though fans of good action cinema realize this, apparently Cob Cohen didn't. xXx has a title with a total of three X's in it, clearly promoting a promise of X-game exhilaration in the quantity of three. But I must have read too much into it because the quantity of action in the film is the furthest thing from sufficient. The quality of them is decent because a lot of the ideas are cool, and even though some of them may end up overblown or not precisely captured with expertise, the genuine production values of them all are certainly a boost for the film's credibility. This just makes it all the more disappointing when they aren't utilized. After the intro action scenes, there is essentially no action on offer in xXx for about an hour. That should tell you just how lacking the film is. Anything between the action scenes in the film is just generic scripting and incompetent plot building, and Vin Diesel's charisma can only carry it all so far. All in all, they just get in the way of the action.Frankly, the attempts to cross X-games sports into the spy thriller genre and actually craft a legitimate story are incredibly misguided. The former goes into the market of people looking for a guilty pleasure thrill ride while the latter is focused on audiences seeking competently intelligent writing. xXx attempts to deliver both but ends up supplying neither because the two styles do not merge. For one thing, the spy thriller aspect of xXx wants to take the film very seriously while the extreme sports side of it tries to make it a guilty pleasure. Either way, Rob Cohen fails to find the sufficient balance to make it work. The film carries over the gadgets and settings of a spy thriller which gives it some good action scenes to match, as does the extreme sports stunts. Yet they never amalgamate into a singular entity and rather end up leaving the film structured like a series of vignettes where some are serious and some aren't. Either way, they don't combine. Yet it is even worse that there is just not enough of them to distract forom the incompetence in the rest of the feature. For a film with such a practical action nature to boast about, xXx can't find anything sensible to do with itself and instead just wastes the time of viewers and Vin Diesel.But even though the film is so shallow and bereft of character, I did find value in Vin Diesel's role in the film beyond strictly his presence.Vin Diesel is a decent lead in xXx. Though Xander Cage is a poorly scripted character who leaves him more things to talk about than to shoot at, the film capitalizes on Vin Diesel's legacy created from The Fast and the Furious by providing the man with a character who has a taste for all things fast. Teaming him up again with Rob Cohen, Vin Diesel is given a role of more vocal relevance this time around. And though his character does not have much interesting to say, Vin Diesel lets the lines flow naturally from himself by simply saying it all as naturally as it comes to him. His hard edged nature is diverted into a more cocky persona this time around, it he is able to make it work because he is restrained but consistent with his line delivery and genuine energy. As well as that, his level of muscular physique makes it abundantly clear that he has the right stature for an action hero and his determination to engage with the tension of the film crosses over with the more intense scenes very well. Vin Diesel proves more than capable of kicking ass and delivering a large quantity of dialogue with ease in xXx, so it is effective in boosting his credibility in a sense.Samuel L. Jackson is a good cast member to have on board because his instinctive persona integrates sophistication with a light touch of attitude that proves beneficial. Alas, the amount of screen time he receives if far from well-suited for an Academy Award nominated legend and cultural icon like him. His chemistry with Vin Diesel has its moment because the actor is instinctively talented, particularly when it comes time to establish a sense of tension. Samuel L. Jackson plays a very stereotypical role in xXx which is far from groundbreaking, but as a fan of his I can easily say that his natural charisma was a welcome touch.The cameos from Danny Trejo and Tony Hawk are also welcome.So despite a sporadic collection of competently staged action moments and a dedicated central effort from Vin Diesel, Rob Cohen ultimately smothers the potential of xXx with an excessive focus on talking instead of action, ultimately making the simplistic plot and tonal inconsistencies of the film all the more obvious.