Close to Home

Close to Home

Smadar (Smadar Sayar) and Mirit (Naama Schendar), both 18 years old, are assigned to patrol the streets of Jerusalem together as part of their military service. Worlds apart in their personality their initial frosty relationship changes to friendship as they deal with their own emotional issues, the crushes and break-ups in their love lives, as well as the political realities.

Rebellious and outgoing Smadar can't stand types like Mirit. Mirit, introverted and frightened, keeps away from the likes of Smadar. But the two are thrown together as they are assigned to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Close to Home torrent reviews

Courtney K (ca) wrote: it was fine; not very good though

MariePier D (us) wrote: De mauvais effets spciaux... Mais je ne pouvais m'empcher de l'couter! C'tait un brin long... 2 missions de 2 heures... Et tellement de requins affams, c'tait presque trop!

Maranda F (au) wrote: This one didn't really seem like part of the trilogy and it was super lame.

Directors C (nl) wrote: It's well constructed and all but very much lacking the emotional depth I was expecting and hoping for. This was an unnecessary remake to begin with so it doesn't really have any real reason to exist. It also doesn't add anything new to the mix that the original already did and isn't as engaging or ambitous. There are a lot of good moments in the film and it's certainly not a bad one but it's not that amazing either. But hey dog lovers are going to love it and fans of the original will. But only because it's the same movie.

David G (it) wrote: This film caused me to have get a scar on my left hand,by trying to imitate the "tunneling" as a kid and that is still there today. With some really unintentionally funny moments, I would recommend this to anyone now..

Julio S (it) wrote: The bad acting aside, I never realized the poilitcal and historical undertones this miniseries had. Good ol 80's stuff.UPDATE:First Flickster supposedly does not add miniseries' to the database, so I"m not quite sure how this got in, but originally, I rated the original 2-part series.I have just re-watched the 3 part "Final Battle" and whoa I was embarrassed at how bad it was - I'm knocking this down a star, since there isn't a separate entry for it. All the political parallels of the first series were thrown to the wayside as the original writer and director did not come back for this series. Instead it went for cheesy soap opera sidestories and a nonsensical ending. The score for the movies were horrible as well, save for the now famous theme music.Marc Singer should have had a show with William Shatner in his heyday - I can't image how 2 hams could share the screen together. His constant posturing and posing as he's giving dramatic lines made us snicker; almost as much as his one-size-too-small jeans!Ah, but Faye Grant and Jane Badler...yea, I guess they make it worth it. Oh, Michael Ironside is epic too.

Claudette A (fr) wrote: This was a one of the leading film series made in the 70's. I'd seen snippets of the film when I was a child and was scared, so it was time to see the full movie. I think it was forward for it's time.

Deke P (mx) wrote: Saw on TV 2017, late nite.Love Rita Hayworth, WOW! And, a young, actuallly slim & handsome Orson Welles. A film noir, with some twists. Can be difficult to follow if not paying attention. And lots on sailboats and islands !! Love that. And lots 1940s San Francisco!And so many twists!

Kirk B (us) wrote: Just ok. It was fun and entertaining but missing something.

Adrian W (ru) wrote: It's not 100% like the book, but still a good, funny film

Danny R (gb) wrote: A struggling actor goes drag and ends up the star of a daily soap opera. The characters are intelligent, which is why I hated this movie. Yep, the intelligent characters and dramatic scenes ruin this because I couldn't buy into the fact that the characters of this movie could not see that Dorothy was a dude. I mean come on. Generally in movies like this, the characters are idiots so I understand that they can't distinguish a man in drag. With that said, the performances by the all star cast are stellar. Maybe too stellar, as they make their characters intelligent Unfortunately, this isn't the kind of movie that requires intelligence.

Rich F (de) wrote: Black comedy about a couple who take a caravan sightseeing and fall into a serial killing spree en-route.Some amusing ideas and worth a watch

Juliano K (kr) wrote: not the best. not the worst. I was expecting way more. the plot has a long of potential but it did not make it.