This fiction-documentary hybrid uses a sensational real-life event—the arrest of a young man on charges that he fraudulently impersonated the well-known filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf—as the basis for a stunning, multilayered investigation into movies, identity, artistic creation, and existence, in which the real people from the case play themselves.

Pretending to be Mohsen Makhmalbaf making his next movie, Hossain Sabzian enters the home of a well-to-do family in Tehran, promising it a prominent part in his next movie. The actual ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don N (ru) wrote: im a huge fan of the muhammad ali doc, when we were kings, during which the smart money assumed he would lose, so the documentary crew was actually really just filming the music festival, which you only really see glimpses of, but seemed equally interesting. so its cool to see a doc that does that but the other way around.anyway, this isnt as colorful as kings, basically its more a wedding video of the festival; captures the time and the place. all the headliners get a song in. if anything, it captures the anticipation/wonder for africans and africans americans meeting each other again after centuries apart and finding common ground.. this is said over and over by the performers.

Sebastian B (fr) wrote: A ok horror movie. The thai ppl are really into "fishinghook-horror" :)

Fred M (us) wrote: I thought the movie would go real left but it didn't. Showed an interesting look into how America is through the eyes of some of the people who get to see all parts of it.

Joseph D (mx) wrote: Not an ethical crime, several ethical crimes not including Code 46, which was a biological violation...the woman was genetically his mother. Society is emergent and this film was spot on. Removing arbitrary human policy makers in exchange for the authority of a supercomputer, scares the crap out of most people, but it will make complete sense to our grandchildren. With a society separated by whole citizens and the disenfranchised, it replaces our time honored method of regulating people by the means of opulence and disparity. This is undoubtedly is our future. The upside would be that most violent crime would disappear, just to be replaced with policy violations. Did anyone else notice that all of the compromising situations or conflicts were resolved with pragmatism and honesty? (Aside from the memory wipes) No violence was required. Just a performance in front of a camera I know, but it still was a compelling model when you consider that only a small amount of people incarcerated are truly narcissistic from birth, the rest are either intellectually incapable of making choices that consider other people, or find themselves making desperate decisions in an irrational environment. The rest is exacerbated by conditioning or substance abuse. This movie was well written and produced.

elisamuel o (es) wrote: La mejor pelcula del mundo

B W (mx) wrote: Couldnt really see a little kid taking down all the seasoned gangsters... Not a believeable enough storyline. It has some decent scenes, but falls short of being worthy of owning the DVD. Not sure why Samuel L even took this role. 2/5

Amir L (it) wrote: Tony Gatlif at his best! One of the greatest documentaries I've ever seen.

Robert C (br) wrote: Writing and direction were somewhere between Lifetime Movies and Hallmark Hall of Fame. But Jessica Lange as little-remembered actress Frances Farmer and Kim Stanley as her mother are beyond reproach. This movie is worth watching just for their performances.

Mark J (fr) wrote: Skip this, it's a waste of time!

David W (gb) wrote: Very Mean-Spirited, but can catch a few laughs from the characters