Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

While treating a policewoman for smoking, hypnotherapist Michael Strother has a telepathic vision of a young girl floating beneath the surface of a stream. The escaped victim of a ritualistic serial killer, the girl has become mute, and Michael is called upon by Scotland Yard to unlock the secrets she holds in order to catch a man who believes he has discovered the key to immortality.

A hypnotherapist is caught up in the pursuit of a serial killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan C (es) wrote: Delightfully absurd.Grade: A

Shawn S (es) wrote: This has the same great animation, cast, and clever humor of the film.

Tammiie Y (br) wrote: i like this film. i think its kool

Ingela A (us) wrote: When does an ordinary person become monstrous; what is the trigger; when is the fatal turning point? Is fear an acceptable reason for selfishness, brutality and a headlong flight from responsibility? Gordon deals admirably with this dilemma using a crafty balance of horror and humor in a bloody film about a hit & run driver who becomes inhuman while the victim remains human and humane through relentless pain, shock, & bad luck. Both Stephen Rea and Mena Suvari offer up fine performances as a middle class guy down on his luck and a hard working and hard playing young woman in a tough and demanding job.

Stephen G (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. The cinematography was excellent, with the handheld camerwork, off-kilter framing and shallow depth of field creating a genuine sense that something was going on just out of shot that you really didn't want to see. I thought the way they set up Franny as someone who had a poor sense of the dangers inherent in her situation made the bad choices that she makes as the plot unwinds all the more believable.

MEC r (mx) wrote: This movie was ok back then...

Scott R (mx) wrote: Not one for the ages with bad writing, directing and plenty of cliches.

Luke H (jp) wrote: an interesting one from the Carry on crew, but basically it's about britains trying to get home, Mark Anthony trying to get it on with Cleopatra, and Julius Ceaser being the biggest oush over ever.

Mike C (au) wrote: by no means a good movie but entertaining if in the right frame of mind for it.