Closed for the Season

Closed for the Season

Trapped in a forgotten amusement park, a young woman (Kristy) finds herself terrorized by the living memories of the park. She must break free from the park's grasp before she becomes its next victim.

Trapped in a forgotten amusement park, a young woman (Kristy) finds herself terrorized by the living memories of the park. She must break free from the park's grasp before she becomes its next victim. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raji K (au) wrote: Clint Eastwood is Gus Lobel an aging scout for the Atlanta Braves. He is stubborn, crotchety and tough to deal with. He is denying his age, and as a result his friends John Goodman and Amy Adams become concerned about him. Adams, his daughter decides to travel with him as together they scout what could be baseballs new number one prospect. Eastwood is determined that the new prospect has a trouble with the curve ball, but others wonder if he has past his prime. Trouble with the Curve is an average movie with that does not disappoint, but does not leave much room for surprise. It can be watched by anyone that is a fan of anyone of the actors in the film, or baseball fans, but will not extend or anyone else outside of that scope.

sree k (mx) wrote: movie based on a history of hindu culture lacks the depth of emotions and any sort of expressions on face. it was dumb and i felt like, it was a bit too bad. even though the thing loses its track, the movie has some key elements to quickly grasp the audience. the perfect cinematography and stunning camera work makes this a definite watch. all the cartoon pictures, had not been so much visually brilliant. the arrow heading for the attacks and swords slashes and some stunts on board with fused slow motions gave the grip. the climax battle seemed cliched and was not impressive. looks like the animator has decided to bring upon the king kong climax. climbing the building look alike of empire states and assaulting the baddie is something joyful, but seriously has done the damage. the initial scene, was confusing and till it was aboard, no one realised who is speaking to whom. until later we get to know it. then onwards things are really different and movie takes a turn after intermission. the last 30 minutes was definite watchable though cliched was better than the first half. the movie seemed like a 2010 movie. the muscular build up and 6-pack like appearances , are quite funny but not good. it is a classic retold. how can they make such silly mistakes. lack of any emotions in characters and bland expressions and just drops of tears and eye blinking are seen here. looks like the animator has taken to rest for a while and was forced to do it. may be he did not get enough pay. the scenes looked cliched and movie was way too small. just about 90 min. a classic retold well, not retold , just shown with some graphics and camera movement with some crisp art work and lackluster dialogs is this. take a stroll in the park and think to have a look at it. the previous movie was way better. verdict: ok and just appreciable for animation sets and srilanka sets. nothing special here.

Riona H (de) wrote: Strange but not bad.

Zach M (ag) wrote: It is exactly what you expect from the Spy Kids franchise. Joel McHale is a little over the top but honestly all the actors are a little cheesy.Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven seem to be enjoying themselves in this movie.It is very goofy and definitely geared for kids but still enjoyable for adults.

Grant S (mx) wrote: A bit of a departure for Woody Allen, and it's a great one.A young, working-class coach at a prestigious tennis club, Chris Wilton (played by Jonathan Rhys Myers), forms a relationship with Chloe Hewett (Emily Mortimer), the sister of Tom Hewett (Matthew Goode), one of the members at the club. The Hewetts are very wealthy - their father owns a large company - and the relationship with Chloe should be Chris' ticket to the easy life. However, he meets Tom's American fiance, Nola Rice (Scarlett Johansson), and is immediately smitten. Due to Nola being engaged to Tom, nothing really happens and Chris marries Chloe. Then Tom and Nola break off their engagement and Chris starts a relationship with Nola, with disastrous consequences...A rare murder-drama from Woody Allen. His first of the genre and certainly his darkest movie. Quite a departure for him: while most renowned as a comedy writer-director, even his dramas of the past had a lightness to them. This is nothing like anything he has made before, or since, and is fantastic.Great plot. A slow-burner that starts as a harmless relationship drama and gets darker and deadlier the further it goes. This is not to say that it is dull to start off: even before it ramps up it is a great character study.Some excellent twists towards the end with a superb ending. Quite profound too.Solid performances all round. Nobody puts a foot wrong. Emily Mortimer is a tad irritating as the mousy, clingy Chloe, but that is probably intentional on Woody Allen's part.

Tyler A (it) wrote: I recommend this to kids 6+

nate h (gb) wrote: One of the funniest shows with Rodney in it.

Tom K (ca) wrote: Six years older but still a better sci-fi movie than Avatar.

stefano l (de) wrote: Very well made sci-fi movie set in a very near dystopic future (at the time, now it's a 14 years old past). Very well made, with believable characters and an incredible performance from a young Ralph Fiennes. Kathyn Bigelow showed surely a great ability also in the sci-fi direction, although maybe more than a bit of help was given from the then-husband James Cameron, producer of this movie and great sci-fi maker.

Mason W (es) wrote: A good introduction to jackie chan. Fun to watch.

Kyle B (jp) wrote: Billy Crystal and Danny Devito are so great at comedy that it is so natural to like them in pretty much any movie but this movie is pretty blatant on spoofing on the Strangers on a Train story that it just would be better off watching Hitchcock's masterpiece.