A witty, romantic, and very dangerous love story about chance meetings, instant attractions, and casual betrayals. Two couples disintegrate when they begin destructive adulterous affairs with each other.

Set in contemporary London, the movie tells a story of passion, drama, love, and abandonment involving the relationships of two couples which become complicated and deceitful when the man from one couple meets the woman of the other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Closer torrent reviews

tommy j (br) wrote: I cannot believe this movie went so under the radar I cannot even believe that Bryan Cranston did not even get a nomination for a Golden Globe a great movie

Yeriko S (br) wrote: Truthfully couldn't watch it until the end....turned it off a few minutes in. I just couldn't keep watching it.

Ethan P (au) wrote: A fascinating and inspiring film about a man who reached his amazing dream, that was suspenseful and exhilarating, but a bit too long for my taste. It could have been condensed and much shorter.

Mad M (ca) wrote: Pretty good. Most of the movie is engaging.There are some gaps in the character development.

Michael D (fr) wrote: Love the switch between color and b+w. Touching movie with deeper messages about censorship and fear of the unknown or even change.

Adam B (kr) wrote: Bill Murray is awesome as always. The rest of the movie is garbage, just like 99 percent of what comes out of hollywood.

blanky a (kr) wrote: Retroactice is an exciting (at times loud), well paced, well scripted action movie with a great sci-fi premise. Ultimately this movie is not so much about time travel as it is about regrets about decisions we have made or not made and the blame we place on ourselves. If given the opportunity to change things we may find that we can actually make it worse and are not to blame for the natural course that events will take with or without us.

Sharad Y (it) wrote: Visually, at the best... Story, plain simple...

Helder N (au) wrote: Very disappointing ending, tbh. The rest of the film was pretty good. Story never got me bored. Ending felt incomplete.

Courtney J (it) wrote: What people are failing to see in this modernized version of the story of "Carrie" is the anti-bullying message. Sure, not everyone has telekinesis (haha) and goes on a murderous rampage, but the message is there. The casting was excellent and the film stayed true to the novel as well as the original film. Moore nailed the role of the disturbed Margaret White, and Moretz gave new life to this classic horror character. It deserves more credit than people are willing to give it.

Jared H (br) wrote: I personally loved this movie. It was quirky and fun, and really started my interest with Vincent Price. They have some of the most creative kills, I've ever seen.