Closer To God

Closer To God

The movie tells the story of a genetic scientist who successfully clones the first human being, a baby girl named Elizabeth. Things get worse from there, as the good doctor is barraged by a negative publicity blitz, threats of prosecution from various government authorities and throngs of protestors outside his suburban home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Closer To God torrent reviews

Joshua L (es) wrote: This movie is fucking jokes

Cooper C (ag) wrote: Barely funny, not to mention it's dark and depressing in the worst kind of way...

Vincent L (jp) wrote: The space story is funny with Rene Liu while the Sydney story showed some of the most familier places in my city. Nothing special otherwise.

Hayat K (jp) wrote: a story of a surviver... love for family

Jack Y (jp) wrote: Hard to rate a TV mini-series like this based on fact. You know youre going to get the deaths and tragedies; you dont expect the stories about bodies getting cremated before identication and crooks proting from the disaster. Competently made, with Collette the stand-out performer.

Thor P (fr) wrote: Verdens drligste film

Malachi S (gb) wrote: This movie is violent, gory, and disturbing, but will always be a great horror movie to my collection. This movie is very thrilling and it brings a perfect amount of horror to satisfy an audience.

Cody B (au) wrote: Definitely the most "real" Robin Williams performance I think I've seen. A bit dated with 90's sensibilities, I guess, but what do I know? Still a really funny, somewhat touching movie.

Bradley C (ag) wrote: The overall plot to this movie is absurd, a New York mobster who starts doing everything he can to help his supplier of "lucky" apples, yet I love this movie. As absurd as it is, things like this can happen in real life. People do and can change and often times it is the absurd things that cause it. Watching the change that overcomes Dave as he starts down the road of doing good things even if it is for the wrong reason is marvelous.The acting in this movie is perfect for the style. I wouldn't call it "Academy Award" winning performances but it all fits with the characters and the charm. The pacing is a bit long in parts but almost every moment is fun and worth the watch. Seeing the transformation of Annie is wonderful and watching all the "tough" characters turn into softies is so much fun.I would say that this story is a great version of perpendicular Cinderella story. The person who really goes through the change is the Fairy Godmother, not Cinderella. I love this message of how if we put our efforts towards helping others it causes us to change, really we should all strive to be Fairy Godmothers and focus less on wanting a Fairy Godmother.If you're in the mood for a classic movie with some feel good moments you really can't go wrong with this.Verdict: Recommended