Closer to Home

Closer to Home

Closer to Home weaves a universal, haunting tale of two people inexorably drawn together for vastly different reasons. Dalisay struggles to journey from the Philippine countryside to New ...

Closer to Home weaves a universal, haunting tale of two people inexorably drawn together for vastly different reasons. Dalisay struggles to journey from the Philippine countryside to New ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa K (ru) wrote: If this movie wasn't so confusing, it would have been a very beautiful story. The emotions are very well conveyed and the acting was good. There was no soft ending though, so don't wait for a resolution

Joe A (gb) wrote: Drama of a young man coming of age in a rural town during the 80s is a well written and acted story of a teen (Shiloh Fernandez ) coping with becoming a man while his parents divorce and his world changes around him. The movie smartly tackles the melodramatics and cliche's usually associated with these type of flicks in a way that makes them feel fresh and keeps them quite effective. We've seen certain story elements before but, director Anthony Burns turns them back from cliche's into life experiences we can all identify with by weaving them into the story and not presenting them as set pieces as many films like this do. Of course there is a great 80s soundtrack and that is one cliche' that's always welcome. Lead Fernandez shows far more acting chops here then he did in the bland Red Riding Hood and leading lady Ashley Greene also shows far more range then her supporting part in the lame Twilight films. The supporting cast of relative unknowns also give strong performances that help give the story it's weight and sense of realism. Having come of age in the 80s, I am a sucker for these kind of flicks and Skateland is one of the better ones I've seen in quite a while. I recommend it.

Steven B (au) wrote: A bold and daring movie. Well acted with beautiful scenery. Love the way they approached introducing the past in pace with the present.

Lenny R (au) wrote: Overall the weakest of the trilogy, what with the 'Austin and Dr Evil are actually brothers' thing and the 'Dr Evil and Mini Me become gangsta rappers in prison' well as some other things. Also, the character of Goldmember is creepy and icky enough when played by Mike Myers; he becomes truly the stuff of nightmares when John Travolta takes over at the end. But the movie does have some redeeming qualities. Firstly, Michael Caine is superb as Austin's spy dad, Nigel - basically Harry Palmer as an old perv. Also, Beyonce (when she was merely a star, rather than the supermegauberstar she is today) is very good as badass blaxploitation chick Foxxy Cleopatra, and her Goldmember medley is pretty damn funny ('He got the Midas touch, and he touched it too much...'). Plus, the movie contains one of my favourite visual gags of all time - 'One of us needs to stand on the other one's shoulders' - AND one of my favourite one-liners of all time - 'There are two kinds of people in this world I can't stand...' Plus, we FINALLY get to see some frickin' sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads. And that's all we ever asked for, right?

Leo L (mx) wrote: An interesting movie that centralizes around revenge, guilt, loss, and a country in turmoil. After losing a young son in an accident, Inayat and Neelima are devastated by the fact that in their own country some doctors are refusing to help anyone working, or associating, with the Indian government. Inayat Khan seeks revenge, and searches for the one man he holds responsible for all deaths and fear. He finds the man and his small militant group hiding in a small village. It is there that young Altaaf loses his family, and is traumatized by the ordeal. Adopted by Inayat and Neelima, Altaaf cannot forget the demise of his family. After realizing the truth, Altaaf leaves the Khan home. After spending ten years away, his ultimate goal is to seek revenge. Great cast- Sanjay Dutt, Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Sonali Kulkarni, and Jackie Shroff. Worth seeing!

Matt G (de) wrote: Training Day is a "scenes" movie. Moment after moment, cut after cut, we are given super entertaining performances and dialogue full of moral ambiguity. Sometimes it's a bit sillier than intended (pigeon signal), and the direction is clichd (drug-trip filter). Otherwise, this is a magnetic and fun showcase for Hawke and Washington to be manly men and make manly men speeches.

David G (br) wrote: Watching this film now, 5 years after it was built and after the massive collapse of the previous carefree era of Fun and only Fun, it seemed a hilarious satire of the self-absorptive allure of a particular flavor of substance saturated post-college scene. It reminded me of an updated Repo Man in many ways -- a celebration as well as a repudiation of hedonistic fun.You have to enjoy a certain flavor of bludgeoningly subtle pointlessness to enjoy this movie. Personally, I thought it was great. It's not a silly stoner movie. It's more a subtle, romantic and quirky comedy. Whoever marketed it, should have their heads examined.

Justin C (de) wrote: My generosity toward unnecessary action movies only stretches so far.

Rocio H (mx) wrote: actually made me laugh.

Siriporn P (it) wrote: Another lame heroic movie.

Evan K (us) wrote: Good film led by standout performances from Hackman and McDormand.