A two video set from the band Nine Inch Nails. The first tape consists of all NIN's music videos, including several that were never released previously. The second tape is a documentary of ...

A two video set from the band Nine Inch Nails. The first tape consists of all NIN's music videos, including several that were never released previously. The second tape is a documentary of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Closure torrent reviews

Angelica S (ca) wrote: Very interesting plot and good acting - enough to spend a couple of pleasant hours

Eric K (ag) wrote: Your typical Anaconda movie & sequel. Not as good as the first as the acting isn't all the greatest. But a decent flick. If you enjoyed this one and can get over a bit of bad acting, then this is for sure worth a watch on Netflix.

Brian K (it) wrote: Crocodile Dundee should have stayed in the 80's where he belonged

Faith W (mx) wrote: I love me some Goldie Hawn but this was just ....shit

Bill B (fr) wrote: This is easily the best film from Paul W.S. Anderson, and one that has held up to numerous revisits over the years with strong, disturbing visuals and a creepy attention to detail. The idea of a spaceship going to Hell and returning with a dark and sinister nature is unsettling as can be and very well-realized here.Well worth a look and recommended.

Marta R (gb) wrote: The movie itself i.e: cheesy music, sound effects,etc... wasn't that great... but the idea of government taking over and doing whatever the hell they want however the hell they want... i see it...

Michael W (br) wrote: Billy Jack tackles the US Senate this time, fighting against gov't corruption in his home state. Riveting remake & almost on par with Jimmy Stewart's MR SMITH (which is a true gem).

Jos (ag) wrote: It's hard for me to properly rate this film now: I saw it in the mists of my childhood, and I've never forgotten it. It left deep and fond memories, and is far and away my favourite version of the Cinderella story, although departing quite radically from the version normally given in US films. While you might recognise some elements of the more familiar story here, the central Cinderella character is much stronger than that often portrayed, and hunts the woods with a crossbow. With its snow-scapes this is a film I associate with winter, and for little other reason than that, Christmas. Maybe as I've grown up a bit since then I would find I have outgrown it if I saw it again, but I doubt it. Like The Singing Ringing Tree, it had the feel of a magical, timeless film, Whenever you feel Winter gathering its cowl around you, I'd fling another log on the fire (if appropriate), hunt down this twinkling fairy tale, and bring it to life on a home screen. Great stuff.

Maineutral R (fr) wrote: The intended epic finale of Godzilla is not as...well, epic as it should have been, and even has its false advertisement at hand (not ALL the monsters shown on posters and trailers actually fight), but this was a huge relief for me, after many miss Godzilla movies that never reached any expectation. Destroy All Monsters puts many monsters to fight King the last 20 minutes, but it sure worths it, after going through some uncaring human story reaching aliens. And that's the main problem with Destroy All Monsters: it's mostly the humans trying to reach the aliens in order to take control of all the monsters running loose. While it's not bad, it surely is disappointing. This was, as previously mentioned, supposed to be the final Godzilla film, and for such film, one would expect more of Godzilla in it, but the film gives us not as much as we could hope. However, all the fails are forgiven thanks to the big match at the end, which one can simply skip right into it and avoid the non-Godzilla story. Destroy All Monsters is either one of the best Godzilla films or simply one of the good ones, without many responsibilities in characters or story. Even after many films, the first one (Gojira) is still the best. I can safely say, Destroy All Monsters is pretty good, entertaining and kinda satisfying. Check it out, but you may want to jump right into the final fight to avoid any issues.

Henry E (it) wrote: Just found Rotten Tomatoes this evening and saw that one of my favorite movies, [b]Journey to the Seventh Planet[/b], didn't have any ratings. So I need to set the record straight and make sure that others know just how fantastic the director, Sydney Pink, and his movies are. It's time for all the world to know that Sid Pink is right up there in the pantheon of Hollywood gods and goddesses with the likes of Ed Woods. Journey to the Seventh Planet (which is Yeranus, BTW) is so bad it's great. The first time I saw it, back in 1995 one late night on the Sci Fi Channel, I immediately noticed the genius of it -- and stole the director's name for my own online alias, sidpink. I've used it with pride for the last ten years. So join me in celebrating the genius that was Sid Pink. Sidpink is dead, long live Sidpink.

Derek M (us) wrote: Bad. But damn entertaining.

Stefanie K (fr) wrote: It's bad but also to good to not watch it ...

Gavin D (de) wrote: I stumbled across this by chance, and really enjoyed it. This NZ produced movie is a quiet achiever...and allows the story to develop in a natural pace. Bringing in a couple of aussie actors in Joel Edgerton and Les Hill, this delightful comedy/drama makes us consider the age old question of finding the "right partner". Loved this from start to finish!!

Sue B (mx) wrote: Clint woos the ladies and climbs lots of big rocks.

Simon C (gb) wrote: They almost had something here. Perhaps an extra half-star if there were titties. Missable.