Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Has-been sports promoter Billy Cole gets a second shot at fame and fortune when he puts together a women's volleyball team, comprised of exotic dancers...

A washed out former star in need of money has a get rich plan...start a volleyball team whose players consist of group of beautiful athletic strippers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cloud 9 torrent reviews

Greg W (de) wrote: based on a steve harvey novel but it felt more like a black version of 'the hangover" trilogy

Bruno V (mx) wrote: Now seen twice , and Sly can still convince me in an action movie , 80's style , so not to complicated , Fun ! SOMDVD

Chani L (kr) wrote: Kinda cheesy, but it was cool how they wove people from the early Church into the story. But if Tabitha is supposed to be the one mentioned in Acts, they got the city wrong.

Nadia R (fr) wrote: nowhere as good as the first one. still involved some really scary things. but things are getting more complicated as they try to track the origin of the curse. there goes my question again.... why a deadly missed call????and nope. the answer remains unclear.

Melissa P (fr) wrote: This was very good - a fine line between drama and romance. Lovely story...but you'll need tissues!!

Zach L (gb) wrote: One of the movies having in DVD. It is one of the best Indian movies i have ever seen.

wedstarfish 8 (fr) wrote: Flubber is a terrible movie, enough said. The story is stupid and the humor is just way way way too childish. I know it is rated PG but still.... This is Robin Williams at his worst. Skip this terrible trash.

Scott C (nl) wrote: Hudson gives the ball to Brown on a simple HB draw and he runs right through Borgnine at the LB position only to get ankle-tackled and shot 3 times in the chest by Patrick McGoohan.

Alex W (nl) wrote: I feel like when someone from my generation imagines old movies they would picture this kind of film, A heavy drama about rich foreigners that's gets slightly over the top at times. Bettie Davis stars as Henriette Deluzy-Desportes, a excellent nanny for a wealthy French family. She hasn't even unpacked when the wife of the couple is jealous and spiteful of her. This film works so well because of Henritte's great job and nanny and diplomatic way she deals with the irrational drama queen wife. I was really stuck by Davis's ability to play a likeable extremely sympathetic victim after some of her previous roles I had seen her in ("all about eve" and "Whatever happened to baby Jane?") where she was unlikeable and villainous. Her performance is so well done I had to look it up more than once to see if that really was her! Granted she is younger in this then both those films. Even though Henritte is tempting a married man to have sex with her (a mutual feeling) they still feel like victims next to his unbearable spouse. This is a classic straight up drama tragedy that really keeps you engaged even with its considerable length. The villain is hateable, the victim is likeable, and the man caught between it all is understandable. It's also based on a true story so it gives you a historical glimpse in to French aristocracy at the time. Enjoy the youngest male actor who clearly has trouble saying mademoiselle, his American accent and his youth makes him butcher the French word turning it into "mamm-zell".

BreAnna K (ru) wrote: Fantastic Movie! Captures the heart of a small town, while making every viewer want a taste of this down home country town. Love Love Love this movie, I simply did not want it to end. Everyone needs to see this movie, it will make you laugh, cry, and even snort a little at times. A film that captures what life is all about, loving others. LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!