A Canadian World War II veteran working for the British Foreign Office scours England for the killer who murdered his wife.

A Canadian World War II veteran working for the British Foreign Office scours England for the killer who murdered his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pavan M (gb) wrote: It makes your heart ache, it makes you cry, it makes you think. ?#?Fandry? a powerful Marathi cinema. It not only has a great theme but also made with great cinematographic prowess. Has a melancholic theme but presented very well and the actors have delivered a powerful and enchanting performance in equal parts. Qudos to the producers/directors and to the Marathi audience for making room to such non-commercial theme without which it is impossible to make such movies!

Yoann M (br) wrote: A nice story of scams and frienship where you follow a posse of joyful businessmen through their adventure full of luxury and marketing.

Erik D (ag) wrote: Bike messengers are the heroes that no one asked for and the ones in this film should never be seen or heard from again. Bad story, acting (especially the accents), story, soundtrack, story, dialogue, and story. Premium Rush made no sense from beginning to end and the characters were all meant to have heart but ended up being soulless, pedestrian assaulting idiots. Thank goodness the run time was an easy hour and a half. I don't think I could have lasted much longer.

Tamara S (de) wrote: I loved this movie to pieces and could not stop watching it. I love, love, this movie and like the acting, cinematography, setting and fashion. It is a good tale of not going far enough for the thing we want. I think it highlighted another personality we overlook sometimes the person who hurts you and claims to love you. I could not have been happier with this story. Some of the dialogue seemed out of place and not really spot on. But I have watched it a zillion times and got online and looked it up and I will choose it again. Kate Hudson made me hate her predatory personality while Ginnefer Goodwin made me root for a breakup! I am so bowled over by Colin Egglesfield a Soap Opera Alum who is so convincing and SEXY in this movie. you have to see this movie.

Geoff T (ca) wrote: Some of these Sci-Fi originals are absolute gems... this is not one of them. This movie tries hard to skate around a really interesting ideas and prospects in the Sci-Fi realm while pounding us with unnecessary amounts of righteous and realistic links to our current lifestyle. To be honest though the acting wasn't as bad as I thought it probably would be. These "no-name" actors and actresses really put on some quality performances and can hold their own with scripts that were probably written by five year olds. Although, some of the visual effects when it didn't look like it was taken from a 1990s video game, looked and felt really good. Some of the action scenes actually made me sit up out of the couch, which again is a shocker from a movie like this. Like I said, its not one of those Sci-Fi original gems, but it'll hold some attention for a little bit. Watch it if you are interested in storm movies or you've got a favorite actress like Shannen Doherty who played in 'Charmed' which I loved! =p 2.5 super charged stars out of 5!

Ian R (mx) wrote: Vomit. Woeful CGI. Only saving grace was real footage of B-24 Liberator and occasionally Brooke Langton.

Mad M (ru) wrote: Glad to see something a bit different, even if it's a bit frustrating. After watching this film, I had no idea what the zark happened. I google'd around incessantly only to discover that much of the story is left open to interpretation... instead of the typical resolutions. So go into this film to enjoy, not so much to understand. It reminds me of a toned-down David Lynch film. The colors and transitions are great (similar to what Refn did in Bleeder). Turturo is terrific. There's plenty of suspense. Go into this one like your watching a Lynch film, and enjoy.

Gena D (jp) wrote: ....yeah we BARELY watched this movie. Blech

Joey F (mx) wrote: One of Wes Anderson's best. It's astounding how he's able to make you really feel for such strange and bizarre characters. Perhaps it isn't as visually striking as some of his later work, but the charm, story, and wit are all there in abundance.

Bryan D (fr) wrote: Should have been called "Horny Lola." The dubs make what might have been an okay movie into a pretty bad one.

steven b (de) wrote: i want to see this movie and even buy it if i can,jst a huge ice cube fan.

Paul C (ag) wrote: Not one of the best Carry On films struggling with a weak middle. It does have a superb Terry Scott though as a fat,clumsy Tarzan and it's alwas a bonus when Frankie Howerd is among the cast, though it certainly misses Kenneth Williams.

Robert I (es) wrote: Incredibly dull anthology film. The second story about a telephone is absolutely horrendous; the first story is acceptable. The final story about vampires is a nice watch, but runs a bit too long and doesn't quite live up to expectations.

Tassanie (ru) wrote: I fell in love with David Tennant again ! He's totally legitimate in the crazy part of Hamlet. The others, the King, Laertes, Ophlia, the Queen are scary and amazing! I found the play very accurate, adapted in a modern setting, a bit too long, but then, you have all the dialogs! To be or not to be...

Greg W (mx) wrote: good tense political drama

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Not the best script, but it had some moments - like the child soldier. Strange how the Soviet-Vietnam scenario has come back to haunt America.