Just before Halloween, three young brothers alone in a big house are menaced by three escaped mental patients who have murdered some traveling circus clowns and taken their identities.

The story follows Casey and his two elder brothers, Geoffrey and Randy. Just before Halloween, they are left alone in a big house menaced by three escaped mental patients who had killed three clowns. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Clownhouse torrent reviews

Jason S (it) wrote: A little under whelming compared to all the hyped and a little predictable. Still a decent animated batsman flick though.

Anne F (au) wrote: I went into this film with low expectations, but thoroughly enjoyed it. A mother has arranged a family holiday in the Scilly Isles before her son leaves for a year volunteering in Africa. The surroundings are idyllic, they are obviously not poor, but they can't escape from themselves on holiday and have brought their unhappinesses with them. Brilliant acting was let down a bit by a lack of a storyline, I'm not quite sure what Joanna Hogg was trying to say through this film.

Justin M (jp) wrote: Many reviews gave this doc very high scores. Maybe so but I thought it was just good, not great. I mean an entire documentary about a group of parking lot attendants is pretty boring on paper. But this group of guys passionately explain their philosophies and learnings to the viewer very clearly and almost make the job sound entertaining. Great watch for a sunday afternoon.

Jordon J (de) wrote: A decent drama,Thats entertaining & acted pretty well i say RENT IT!!!

Zachary L (jp) wrote: Directed by the action director of "Versus," this sure felt like Versus 2: Ninjas. The plot makes almost no sense at all and has no development, some guy is just looking to fight other strong fighters while a monk searches for the chosen one. This basically just gives them a reason to have one big fight scene after another set to some J-Rock power soundtrack. Fans of Versus will definitely be at home here and enjoy this a lot, however if you didn't "get" Versus, you won't enjoy this either. The action wasn't bad though a little weird, it's an alternate reality with ninjas and guns, so hey maybe it's not too bad after all.

Georges D (gb) wrote: Shame the whole movie lacked of intensity, cause Noah Taylor's interpretation is really worth seeing. And the relation between Max and Hitler is just... fascinating.

Harry S (de) wrote: Good Watch, Good Twist. Mel Gibson Was Immense As Always

Anders A (us) wrote: Brother and sister, poor and dreaming, from south of the border. Towards the american dream, hard, harsh, bloody and treacherous, yet its touchable if your are willing to sacrifice everything.

Andrew N (ca) wrote: This was not the Maysles brothers' (and editor extraordinaire Charlotte Zwerin's) first foray into documentary filmmaking, but it was the one that really established their signature style of direct cinema: no narration, no forced analysis, just what happens. It plays less like a typical documentary and more like a visual ethnographic study, and the culture they're studying is one that is all but dead these days, the traveling bible salesman. Some of it is actually excruciating to watch, not because of bad filmmaking but simply because of the immense tension between the bible salesmen and their would-be customers. I found myself celebrating every bible they sold, if only because it meant an end to the misery. While it's not their pinnacle work (I was more fascinated by the immortal Grey Gardens and Gimme Shelter) it's most definitely worth watching.

Kyle M (kr) wrote: A fun, unique western flick that'd turned some tables of the genre with some funny parts and a nice performance by Jane Fonda. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Greg W (es) wrote: often overlooked western actioner

Albaab R (jp) wrote: Stunning film...creeps under your skin...stays there long afterwards...just really it if you're over 30, in mid-career, routine life and just want to see smth that's you in specific ways...i dunno how to describe this film...only that you prolly shudnt watch it cuz of the feelings it will leave you with..