Clowning Around

Clowning Around

Follows a boy who realizes there is more to being a clown, than just clowning around.

In and out of foster homes for most of his life, 14-year old Sim wants nothing more than to be a professional circus clown... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clowning Around torrent reviews

Kevin W (ru) wrote: Poor sequel and a waste of Caity Lotz. It was silly not to use her as the main character again, but he wildly convoluted plot got the better of the project. It makes little sense and even the actors seemed too confused at the end to know when to be scared. And come on. A horror movie needs a monster. This one only had an apprentice monster, and not the least bit scary in the light of day. A big miss in every way.

Noel F (mx) wrote: Wow! I don't know when was the last great Pinoy action film that I saw, the plot is so intricate that I didn't see most of the twists and turns which is rare considering how complex and broad the story was. Joel Torre is the real MVP here, his intense look and FPJ-like voice was perfectly done. Piolo has been solid and Joey Marquez pulled off his role with ease. The rest of the cast did their part to move the story forward. Although I think Gerald needs a little bit more push or a little less in some sense, he did fine overall. No scenes were wasted, just when you think that the characters will sit down and talk, some guns or cigarettes or curse words were thrown out to heightened up the tension. Only quirks for me besides Gerald's acting is the camera works, Erick Matti I think watch a lot of Bourne series that it moves fast that makes you dizzy

Craig T (fr) wrote: It's really not all that bad for a comic book flick - it's fun, colorful and places its characters squarely within the comic's tone - but it's all caught up in the web of its own complications. There are way too many threads here, any one worthy of its own story, but here just competing against one another in plotting that's muddled and ultimately uninvolving. Garfield is a charmer throughout.

Kathryn R (jp) wrote: Saw this charming movie in the theater. Wonderful chemistry between Sara and Haaz. The music is great, the vision of downtown LA is fabulous, and the story will make you smile. Dorfman in Love is a feel good movie, and will not disappoint.

Sandra C (jp) wrote: Muy divertida. Una bonita historia de amor.

John W (ru) wrote: Fantastically vulgar and wonderfully campy, though I could've done without Conan O'Brien.

Patty S (ca) wrote: This is one of the best and most interesting documentaries I have seen about a musical group. I especially appreciated the way those filmed broke down the musical skills of each performer so that I could understand what made each one so great.

Robert H (kr) wrote: I honestly had no idea what to expect when I first heard about this film. All I knew was that it was composed of five separate stories that spanned centuries, with Robin Williams as the link between all of them. Sounds quite ambitious, right? Yes, but the end result was underwhelming and, dare I say it, a little dull. There are, however, some major themes explored here as indicated by the title. I guess if you were to boil the film down to its essence, it is, simply put, about being human. Being more specific, it is about mankind's search and need for companionship and family, along with all of the other small things, good and bad, which enter into our lives on our journey through time. Robin Williams' character Hector, a name which he has for the entire film, can be said to literally make a journey through time. It's not explicitly stated, but since he does keep the same name throughout, you could say that his character in each subsequent story is a reincarnation of who he is in the previous one. This is all fine, but there were some spots which felt underdeveloped and worst of all, the film is practically destroyed by some of the worst voice-over narration I've ever heard. Thankfully, by the final segment the narration isn't so omnipresent. By far the worst effect of the narration is to replace character development and spoon-feed the film's themes to the audience. I did a little research online, and apparently the director, Bill Forsyth, had to cut 40 minutes and add the narration after an initial cut had a poor test screening. It's a pity that that early version isn't available to watch, because I think the film would be better in that form. The closest I think the film got was the final segment, but that one segment didn't exactly make up for all that came before it. But it did tie the film together thematically, and provide a satisfying conclusion to the larger story arc. Overall it was a satisfactory watch, but it still felt like it was missing something. Better films like this would be CLOUD ATLAS and THE FOUNTAIN, but there are still elements to appreciate in this film.

Michael P (de) wrote: I must ask, why remake a classic into what sounds like shit.

Sam E (nl) wrote: This was an excellent watch with good acting throughout.

Rendan L (es) wrote: Vertigo is unpredictable and sharp but it's flawed by uneven storytelling. Grade: B-