Club Life

Club Life

A young man from a small town goes to Hollywood to make his fortune. He gets hired as a bouncer at a disco club, but soon finds himself caught up in drugs, gangsters and eventually has to flee when his boss and another bouncer are murdered by drug dealers, who are soon after him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancing,   actor,   gangster,  

A young man from a small town goes to Hollywood to make his fortune. He gets hired as a bouncer at a disco club, but soon finds himself caught up in drugs, gangsters and eventually has to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian C (ca) wrote: Really let down by this as it is two of my favourite genre's combined (revenge and prison). Tries to hard to be the 'Scum' for the ASBO/Chav generation, instead it ends up looking like a bad episode of Prisoner Cell Block H.

Mark J (us) wrote: I don't think this movie will be everyone's cup of tea, but when Soderbergh directs an 'experimental' low budget film using a hardcore porn actress for the lead (Sasha Grey), I'm definitely intrigued. This is almost fly -on-the-wall stuff. It has a quasi-documentary feel to it & some of the dialogue feels improvised. While this is a movie about high-class prostitution & the 'needs' of a rich clientele (not always sexual), there is surprisingly very little nudity in it - this came as quite a surprise, but then it becomes obvious what Soderbergh was doing here. He is using Sasha Grey as a woman who is totally comfortable with the whole sex thing. In fact she's so comfortable with it she gives off an air of almost detached boredom about the whole thing. This is a woman in control. I found the direction & cinematography very interesting. Intimate conversations filmed up close, but only the background in focus, really added to a sense of voyeurism. It's all shot in digital. There are many of shots with the camera way back. Quite unusual for an indie film, but clearly a director who knows his craft. A number of shots are also deliberately amateurish - the kind of shots a bad film student would make, though not intentionally. Given this is a name director one would have to come to the conclusion that this is all part of the planning, rather than laziness. But your view might depend on how generous you are to Soderbergh.In all, an interesting angle on the subject, but too detached for my liking (though that clearly was the whole point of the film). I can understand why Soderbergh might have wanted Sasha Grey as the lead, but while I'm not fully convinced she can act, she certainly makes for an interesting advertising gimmick.

Bob S (ca) wrote: some filler - but great concert footage of Janis, The Band and the Dead

Stafford V (de) wrote: Has some great laughs and a okay story but not the best of Will Ferrel.

Isaac H (it) wrote: This one is actually pretty good. Doofy and main two leads are really funny.

Corey J (it) wrote: Don't waste your time.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Your typical mid/late 80's comic horror flick from Wes Craven--BEE BEE!!

Colin F (es) wrote: I will have to swallow my pride and say this was an excellent movie , I was surprised how much I enjoyed this, am not a massive ABBA fan but have always liked the songs. The movie has a dodgy story line of an Australian reporter (with a pink ford escort!) racing round Australia trying to get an interview with them and this links all the concert footage together to kind of make it into one big story, on paper this should not work but actually does and keeps the whole thing flowing along. What is best about the film is the songs and the live performances, they really where the super group of the time with classics such as Dancing Queen, Waterloo and SOS performed to perfection, some of their less know songs also sound great, it took a few hours to get I am the tiger? out of my head. Also Lou Carpenter out of Neighbours is in it as ABBA(TM)s security guard! What the........ I have to admit a bloody good film!

Najd G (ag) wrote: On the precipice of being daring, but it ultimately settles to meet the rom-com standard of being just a feel-good story. At least this displays the transformation of Kevin James as he came into his own.