Clubbed to Death (Lola)

Clubbed to Death (Lola)

A young woman visiting Paris, misses the last bus home, finds herself stranded on the outskirts of Paris. Entering a local club, she meets a troubled drug addict.

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Clubbed to Death (Lola) torrent reviews

hawk l (es) wrote: Fascinating insight, fine lead performance Pierre Niney.

Dave C (br) wrote: Disappointingly vacuous film about how tradition effects two small boys.Unfortunately the core of the film is undermined by the storyline which collapses with the introduction of the errant mother and becomes laughable as one boy walks away leaving the other in jail.There used to be a longer review, but RT deleted it and now much of the small detail has faded from memory.

Bruno L (ca) wrote: Not so much of a documentary as I thought it was. It's pretty much a Rolling Stone's concert with a few old interviews in the middle. It was pretty good. I liked to see the presence of Buddy Guy, Jack White, and the sexy Christina Aguilera.

DG j (fr) wrote: Former PICKET FENCES costars Lauren Holly and Costas Mandylor reunite for Hallmark's made-for-TV romantic comedy JUST DESSERTS. Marco (Mandylor) is an Italian-American baker who discovers that his uncle plans on selling the family's small Bronx bakery to a chain of donut shops. Hoping to save the business, Marco samples an incredible chocolate cake at a swanky Manhattan restaurant and convinces the fiery but beautiful pastry chef Grace (Holly) to enter her recipe in a prestigious baking competition worth $250,000.

Mongky M (gb) wrote: A movie from Portugal. The story portrays child labor problem in the poor society. Here, everyone has to struggle for their own living; even kids were willing to get to work rather than going to school. Great film, but if you looking for beautiful or happy story, this is not the film for you.

Robert E (au) wrote: THE FILM ZONE, hahahaha

Dwayne S (kr) wrote: This movie is your classic on the road story with a few unique twists. It will get you laughing and maybe thinking. Not a blow your mind movie but good none the less.

Jake T (ag) wrote: One of the top 50 worst action comedy films ever! Ever!

Alex V (us) wrote: nothing to said... just a cultish 80's masterpiece !!!

Uriel G (it) wrote: As every Snyder movie, 300 is a beautiful show of technic stuff, as slow motion and especial effects, with a great dark atmosphere.But lacks of coherence and it seems you are watching a fantasy movie instead of a historical movie (i can say the same for Miller's graphic novel)Although is a great adaptation of the mentioned Miller's work, fails in telling the story to the people, watching the spartans fight for a weak purpose and the persians portrayed as the bad guys fighting the "heroes" whose purpose is even more weak.A movie to entertain, nothing else.

Sergio Andres P (ca) wrote: "The royal Tenenbaums" represents for Anderson an Incredible masterpiece which shows his capacity of create different kinds of characters with diverse styles and ways to think,each one with particularly originality. This film is incredible, Just blew my mind. Is one of a kind with beautiful cinematography and a clever screenplay. Brings with it an extraordinary soundtrack which makes some scenes unique and memorable. It has incredible performances, an honorable mention to Gwyneth Paltrow and Luke Wilson their acting is convincing and too intense. I really Love this film. 5/5