Clue finds six colorful dinner guests gathered at the mansion of their host, Mr. Boddy -- who turns up dead after his secret is exposed: He was blackmailing all of them. With the killer among them, the guests and Boddy's chatty butler must suss out the culprit before the body count rises.

Six guests are invited to a strange house and must cooperate with the staff to solve a murder mystery of 6 people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Clue torrent reviews

Francis T (au) wrote: Amusing and quite daring.

Terelon S (gb) wrote: William Forsythe is so talented, this movie made me realize how much a gem he is,this based on a true story movie about a college student who contacts John Gacy and nearly loses himself is worth watching.

Dominic D (it) wrote: One creeeeepy movie..

AnnJean P (it) wrote: I just bought this film I love it despite the fact that it's in German it's a wonderful film ??

Miguel Angel L (fr) wrote: Pretenciosa, trama absurda, personajes olvidables y poco interesantes, musica olvidable .... Esto definitivamente fue lo que mato la animacion en 2D de Disney :/

vissbll g (au) wrote: this is such a awesome moive for some reason and it s werid cuz they go through purgatory and inot hell to recue his stupid gf anyway it s werid but gd horror flim

Alexey F (it) wrote: It is good and disturbing, but I prefer "Safe" by Todd Haynes, which is a completely different movie, but also good and disturbing.Rachel Ward, on the other hand, is insanely beautiful. So there you are.

Richard M (gb) wrote: I know many people didn't recognize this film for what it's worth. It really did a great job capturing the background image of the unforgettable Ritchie Valens. Lou Diamond Phillips did an amazing job with his very first lead role in a film. It was funny, had romance, and was very inspirational. A only because not everyone in the film was as convincing as Phillips and Esai Morales.

Guillaume H (ru) wrote: Its a good looking movies, very proud to be ice-cold bourgeois 80's with all the gold laqu it implies, but Argento works hard at creating obnoxious characters who react in stupid ways at every turn. He made this film after accusations that his content was mysoginist, and answers by pressing all his mysoginist buttons harder with his rapey-est attitude to date, vaguely lesbophobic on top, though he goes to great length to underline he is not homophobic; because his target is only women. He has a young girl be able to fix the sink yet makes her an underage sexspot, keeping her scenes highly lecherous. Argento's shrink must be rolling his eyes at him constantly . The women he writes here are inane and neurotic by design and he makes them deserving of what they get on top of it. So how to put it? Its a good (enough) movie made by a dickish guy who takes himself seriously (like when he shoots the rooftiles for no reason other than to play a goblin track for a long time) At least there's John Saxon who seems aware this is more ridiculous than it seems (probably caught on the fact there's more plot hole than actual story) so he plays accordingly, almost funny campy. Ah and also... i realised AFTER the credits rolled that ive seen this movie about 15 years ago, something that NEVER happens to me. Goes to show how unremarkable it is. But lets say its bad enough to be good. Maybe.

Leena L (jp) wrote: I laughed out loud. It says something. In this film, whatever can go wrong, certainly will, with gusto. Funny, but not to slapstick level, which is always good and brilliant touches in details.... Once it got moving it never stopped, until the last frame. I enjoyed this even after a week of Italian excess.....

Jackson M (de) wrote: No. It's annoying. The actors are annoying. The plot is pointless. You can never really relate to the characters. Don't care when stuff happens. Just doesn't work. Garbage.

Adam R (it) wrote: Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning are cute together, but this was a lot heavier than I expected. The ending was very cheesy too, but otherwise it's not bad movie. (First and only viewing - 7/6/2015)