Cluny Brown

Cluny Brown

Amateur plumber Cluny Brown gets sent off by her uncle to work as a servant at an English country estate..

Amateur plumber Cluny Brown gets sent off by her uncle to work as a servant at an English country estate. While there, she becomes friendly with Adam Belinski, a charming Czech refugee. She... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Humah K (jp) wrote: Briliant Film With Several Genres To Keep It Fresh

Farah R (br) wrote: A clich and predictable love story with an absurd plot. The Romance genre has deteriorated the pat few years and this movie isn't one to change that.

Marta K (kr) wrote: Great - a rare combination of sadness and funniness. A story of... well, looking for oneself and figuring out what matters most. To laugh and to think.

Jana N (ru) wrote: I really liked this movie and the story its cute.

Matt C (kr) wrote: Definitely one of the best comedies I've seen this year. Awesome cast, who are all ridiculously funny. Robert Downey Jr. is especially hilarious, but it's all held together by the great performances of everyone here. Not the funniest movie ever, but one that I would recommend everyone gets out to see!

jason h (it) wrote: This is hilarious! Well, at least the last 20 minutes are. If you skip most of the ignorant movie and jump straight to the finale, this will make you laugh.

Julia B (ag) wrote: Loved it... Romania and werewolves, two of my favorite things....

Sakura B (es) wrote: A bit depressing at times but it kinda reminded me of the first club I worked at so I loved it!!!

Saurabh S (ag) wrote: If it wasn't for A. Khan's ice-cool performance as a cop, I would not give it such a high rating. He is cool, calm, ruthless and down to earth. Throughout the movie, he seems unstoppable and charismatic... and most of all, he developed a unique & memorable character for the movie.

Jonny P (gb) wrote: "True Women" is really impressive for a miniseries. The acting of Dana Delany alone makes the three hours worthwhile. She breathes life into Sara McClure, the strong-willed redhead that keeps her family strong throughout the many trials and heartaches of this story. The script, based on the novel of the same name by Janice Woods Windle, is a clever web that intertwines three women's lives around five decades of southern US history. The characters are very well written as each possesses different beliefs and backgrounds that create conflict at times and unite them at other times. I cannot say enough about the intelligent design behind the childhood friendship, slave ownership, and Native American blood. From the Texas Revolution to the Civil War and Reconstruction, every event is made more significant through these characters' attributes. Everything is introduced early on with its significance being revealed far into the story. The acting is very effective, creating strong emotions of anger toward Native Americans at some points, northerners at other points, and even our own government. Annabeth Gish plays Euphemia with a lot of heart and, while this is Angelina Jolie's best role (see "Girl, Interrupted" if you want to know what she really can do), she does a good job of portraying the bratty and mature sides of Georgia. The downfall of this movie is its final few scenes. I know that the filmmakers can't exactly change the ending of the book, but there are a few overly-cheesy, not-believable moments that take away from the realism that makes this miniseries so good. "True Women" exceeded my expectations. It has amazing acting, a very poignant story, and several moments that will make you sit back and say "Wow, THAT is a true woman."

Diego G (gb) wrote: Impressive, funny, with a great Robert Downey Jr., and awesome special effects. Interesting and well-structured plot with few flaws.

Jamie C (jp) wrote: After so many poor reviews I went into this expecting a cheap crapfest and yes in parts it is, It's nothing on the show and most of the jokes are from other films, But I did laugh a few times and the cast looked like they had a good time filming but apart from that there's nothing to take away from this film.

Ian20 H (us) wrote: A travesty of the original novel; awful in almost every respect - even the landscape is farcical with vast swathes of modern agricultural acreage replacing the hard won acreage of the real landscape - linguistic errors, hopeless accents, villagers trampling crops - this is a pathetic pastiche compared to the magnificent original BBC series.