Co lubia tygrysy

Co lubia tygrysy


Przeżycia miłosne mężczyzny w średnim wieku, który po opuszczeniu przez żonę szuka nowych wrażeń. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mario J (br) wrote: Una historia curiosa y cuando digo curiosa, me refiero a diferente e incluso extraa. Es una pelcula ligera, que cumple con el objetivo de entretener pero nada ms. 5/10

Matt C (fr) wrote: This isn't a film by any stretch of the imagination, it's just 3 OK episodes spliced together. I'm assuming that as Family Guy had been cancelled at the time they were basically just milking out some left over material but it does all seem a bit weird especially the ridiculously over the top swearing...oooh so edgy.

Andy S (jp) wrote: In Blake Snyder's book "Save the Cat!: The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need," he notes how when a character in a film saves a cat or undertakes some other likeable deed, we as the audience are more apt to root for the character and be invested in the film. While dog lovers may beg to differ, I think Mr. Snyder is on to something here. Case in point--Buddy. Here is a film that succeeds to the degree we like the main characters. And we do like them . . . a lot. Take the character of Kristoffer (played wonderfully by Nicolai Cleve Broch) who is in many ways a self-centered, self-absorbed prat. Yet, with a surprise birthday party for buddy Stig Inge or a slight nudge of his best friend Geir toward embracing fatherhood, we see someone who has a sincere heart even if he gets it wrong now and then. We can forgive the slip-ups because in the savings of the cats, we see someone who at least wants to want to be a great friend.While Buddy is a Norwegian film, this story about three friends learning to be just that has universal appeal. Certainly, the film has its predictable moments, the cinematography bores, the soundtrack limps along, and the set decoration does little to inspire. A cinematic masterwork it is not; yet, Buddy does engage. I desired nothing more than to watch it to the very end and nowadays that's saying a lot. Truthfully, I think we love TV sitcoms, reality shows, vampire novels, and books about teenage wizards because we like characters. We would watch people dig up worms in the mud pits of Maine, if we liked the folks doing the digging. Of course, most of us like our villains and bad guys too, but ask us who'd we prefer to hang out with next weekend and 99.9% of us would pick the Buddy saving the cat.

bill s (gb) wrote: There are only a few good frat movies and this is not one of them.

Tony P (ru) wrote: Statistically every once in a while a Cannon B film from the 1980s was going to be above average. Runaway Train was one of their rare hits.Two escaped convicts from a high security prison in remote Alaska led by Jon Voight just happen to choose to escape on a departing train. Trouble is the driver has just carked it and the breaks have failed. Hence a runaway train!Voight delivers a good performance as Manny the most dangerous and 'famous' of the two convicts.Parts of the movie do still have production values of a TV movie. Im thinking of the awful soundtrack and odd inserts that are obviously paintings not even models of the distant prison.A nice touch at the end is a clever use of an old William Shakespeare quote.

John D (kr) wrote: I'd label FREETOWN as a "religious thriller." It had intense action that kept me on the edge of my seat, but the motives of the missionaries and scenes showing compassion and brotherhood inspired me. I'd definitely recommend this film to others!

Phil A (jp) wrote: Resident Evil Apocalypse is just recycled footage from the first resident evil with one or two extra scenes..... I wouldn't even call this a direct sequel to the movie.

Private U (gb) wrote: Loved this movie! It's a rare treat to see a new Civil War movie, and one that really let's you connect with the characters. Anyone who tells you this movie is not historically accurate needs to brush up on their history. Frankly I thought it did a much BETTER job of capturing the differing opinions and motivations of Confederate soldiers. Now true, there are some cliche moments- I won't deny that. But it boggles me that others have rated this so low. If you are a fan of US Civil War history, this is a must watch.