An Olympic Gold medalist is hired to coach the boys basketball team. But when Coach Randy Rawlings arrives, the school's sexist principal discovers he hired a woman. Blocked from firing her...

. . Blocked from firing her. But when Coach Randy Rawlings arrives, the school's sexist principal discovers he hired a woman. An Olympic Gold medalist is hired to coach the boys basketball team

Coach is a excited movies torrent of Stephen Bruce Rose, Nancy Larson, Mark Tenser (based on an idea by). This movie was introduced in 1978. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Cathy Lee Crosby, Michael Biehn, Keenan Wynn, Channing Clarkson, Steve Nevil, Jack David Walker, Meridith Baer, Myron McGill, Robyn Pohle, Kristine Greco, Brent Huff, Cindy Daly, Rosanne Katon, Lenka Novak, Otto Felix. The kind of movie are Sport. The rating is 4.8 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Andy L (br)

. . Sometimes you run in to people that leave a mark in your live forever. I liked it

Anna B (jp)

And that's the action denouement. I don't think I have the space or the patience to detail all the ways it's terrible, but it's probably best exemplified by the trained FBI agent being whacked on the head with her own shoe by a fat old man while he calls her a dyke. . . Jesus. Also shocking? The rest of the movie. I forgot why I added this movie to my queue, and I didn't recognise Marlon Brando (I kept thinking "Wait, is that Brando? No, definitely not, looks nothing like him") so the closing credits were a bit shocking. This was a very confusing and unpleasant experience

Brad F (it)

must see!!!. This film is funny as! Pissed myself laughing first time I saw it

Jack P (br)

Entertaining stuff. Constant new bio weapons courtesy of umbrella corporation sees constant new monsters and zombies. This film hardly follows the games but look past that and you have a pretty decent zombie series on your hands. Another instalment to the resident evil film series, this film introduces classic video game characters such as chris redfield and the executioner as seen in resident evil 5

Jacob P (ru)

) But this film was still pretty good and had some good bloody scenes and scares to it. (a fat old lady, A disabled lady in a wheel chair, and a mentally retarded man. But the only problem is that the antagonists are a little too weak. Incredible! The twist ending made this film great

Jonathan D (ca)

Excellent well reviewed John Wayne/John Ford Classic! It's very slow paced, but a very good performance by The Duke

Lisa S (mx)

The cast is great and there are a lot of really hilarious things that happen in this movie, I loved watching it, it's a lot of fun. This movie is a lot of fun, it's hilarious to see the two stars of Charles in Charge in high school growing pot and messing around with girls and getting into trouble! Sure the plot sounds stupid like some remake or spoof of Carrie gone wrong, but it doesn't have that feel at all when you watch it, and all the little referential jokes are really very funny and I don't think Carrie is even one of them

Scott W (mx)

Amazing performances by Hoffman and Streep in this award-winning film

The Movie G (ag)

Good film and wonderful acting