Coach of the Year

Coach of the Year

An ex-football star, paralyzed from the waist down during Vietnam, accepts the challenge of coaching football in a juvenile reform school.

Jim Brandon, a former player of the Chigago Bears, has been paralysed during the Vietnam-war. When he returns, he tries to get a job as a football-coach, but he doesn't succeed. After a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas L (fr) wrote: it was a nice little film. outside of the sopranos, James Gandolfini is doing great in films.

Josh H (ag) wrote: The sequel is much like the first ... in fact, a LOT like the first, an amusing documentary that gives you a glimpse into this world of trekkies. It's pretty much the same film as the first, only it goes worldwide, so the trekkies have different accents, that's really the only difference. And they follow up with some of the 'characters' in the first movie, which is fun.

Steve S (gb) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

kevin B (ru) wrote: I liked it classic richard

Mark D (es) wrote: A smart, funny and sharp blaxploitation flick that rises above the genre. The last third becomes a bit tired and predictable.

John B (br) wrote: Gary Cooper brings his usual dull self into a film about a righteous man who doesn't want to do battle during the Civil War. It likely would have been picked up a notch if a Gregory Peck had have been chosen. Instead we must endure.

Erik P (ru) wrote: Great Movie for kids. Helps teach them the importance of healthy lifestyle while still having fun.

Tom S (ag) wrote: Pretty good movie - kept my interest. There are some real scum operators in this crime-infested city and I admit I sided with the bartender who. as the cop says at the end, no one sees coming.

Larry Y (jp) wrote: Basically an imitation of better films (that didn't need cgi or fancy editing tricks) that I saw in my childhood at the rat infested King Theater on Vineyard. The overly loud, out of place RZA score doesn't help. Watch CRIPPLED AVENGERS (which it rips off) or any BABY CART or LADY SNOWBLOOD film instead.

Melissa J (es) wrote: G and I love a 60's beach movie! That's the name of the game!!!