Cobra Girl

Cobra Girl

A princess attempts to win back her kingdom from a powerful shape-shifting sorcerer.

A princess attempts to win back her kingdom from a powerful shape-shifting sorcerer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim S (jp) wrote: I should preface this by saying that I love the original Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, so I was pleased when I heard that an animated adaptation was being done. I actually had no idea how well it would turn out, but wow, it really turned out well. Although it was sadly split up into two parts, both parts are equally good. This is also an adaptation that is extremely close to its source material. I wish there was a way to work in the internal monologues as they appeared in the book, but alas, such is the way when adapting to another medium. If you're a Batman fan and you've been looking forward to more enjoyable movies in the franchise that get closer to the comics, then this is your ticket right here. Whether you watch it in parts or in the full Deluxe Edition form, you can't go wrong.

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Michele A (ru) wrote: Starts off okay but then slows down could go take care of chores, while checking in with the movie occasionally, and still not miss anything. Once it picks up speed it becomes predictable with a couple of pleasant surprises.

Reece C (gb) wrote: Good but a lot of relation to transformers

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Jon C (us) wrote: this is a terrific ghost storyit's along the lines of 'The Others', and 'The Entity' where you don't know how much of the actual ghost stuff is real and instead it relies on the loud noises and voicesthis film really doesn't emphasize too much on the horror elements but man is the mystery portion of the story so fascinatingthe pieces of the puzzle and the connecting dots come together to show why the house John Russell is staying at is haunted and what the Changeling actually isnot to mention that all of the actors are very likeable, they talk, act, and sound like real adultsI got 2 decent scares in the middle and at the end but again the strong acting and the low-budget filmmaking make for a cool watchnot every horror movie has to be in-your-face terrifying, just compelling enough and though-provoking to keep things interesting

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