Cockneys vs Zombies

Cockneys vs Zombies

A gang of bank robbers team up with the residents of an old people's home to try to survive a zombie outbreak.

A gang of bank robbers fight their way out of a zombie-infested London. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan A (es) wrote: The end is very ambigous...but it's good

Cori A (it) wrote: (September 18, 2011)

Chris I (us) wrote: if only downton abbey had this much sex/murder

Maine G (gb) wrote: ok let's get to the story first before me getting a little carried away with how much Adrien Brody looks so damn hot here. alright, an interesting story of love that involves a petty thief and an innocent medicine student. Claire (Ayanna) fell in love with Jack (Brody) and risked her whole life to struggle inside his extremely dangerous world as she tries to extract the lighter side of him which only ended up to self destruction of them both. so much passion in the eyes of the two lead characters. It's a story of love, crime, jealousy, sex, betrayal, sacrifices, suicide, realistic love story, though I'm referring to those intensely dark realities of life.

Jonathon C (jp) wrote: Somebody slap those flamin' scientists of the 18th century Royal Society (whatever it was). This is a film that will lead you to never complaining about governmental department red tape again when you see what Harrison was put through. A fascinating film on a very niche topic that we all take for granted- the time, but more specifically, how it was used as a means of navigation by seafarers in recent centuries.The story is a true one of the life-time quest of English carpenter come clock-maker John Harrison and his son to solve the riddle of how to make a clock that could keep time at sea.The film also detailing how for seafarers in centuries past the accurate measurement of the time was literally a matter of life and death- the precise time being essential to measure a said vessel's "longitude" so that it's geographical position may be accurately plotted on a chart. Most of us, having never been seafarers, may truly fail to comprehend how vital such a simple thing as this may have been, and still is for our shipping industry and these days even air travel (lets not mention GPS here please). A gripping film patiently made which does require patience on the part of the viewer, but it is also a rewarding and very edifying film to watch. Rarely does a film give you something in return for your viewing- this does. A gem that deserves a big thank you to those who took the time to make it.

Jonathan C (gb) wrote: A suspenseful and tension filled thriller that grabs your attention from start to finish. Great performances all around and well directed by the dubious Joel Schumacher.

Matthew C (gb) wrote: This is way not my style but I picked it almost randomly from Netflix, based on the presence of Brendan Fraser and a premise that sounded fun. I didn't recognize Selick's name at first but now that I do, I'm sort of disappointed. He's created some great stuff and this one, while imaginative, is way too wacky and crass for its lack of humor. It doesn't deliver on the laughs and gets just really weird. Fraser's goal of fighting for the woman he loves is awesome and so the singular arch of the main character at its core is a worthy one but it's the gummy sweet center of a mess. Seen it, reviewed it, done with it.

Hayden H (us) wrote: It's not funny, it's just being gross to be gross, and Cohen should have known better than to constantly show us his dick instead of actually making us laugh. Want my advice? Keep that thing in your pants an take it out only for your wife since she seems to be the only who can look at it without puking.I hate this film couldn't even finish it."F"

Clinton K (br) wrote: A goofy conspiracy flick played as a vehicle for the ever-wooden Charlie Sheen.

Darrin C (mx) wrote: Stupid, lazy, sloppy movie made only for a failed attempt at cashing-in on the franchise name. It was confusing, not scary, and I don't even think the writers knew what to do towards the end.

Lauren L (us) wrote: One of all time favorites - a classic!

Tyson P (kr) wrote: pretty standard comedy with a few chuckles

Kevin R (fr) wrote: I never would have picked you for the fatherly type.James lives a fast paced, illegal, drunk, and stupid lifestyle when a plague hits the planet and is making his way to his homeland. He has 24-hours to live and plans to party until he discovers one of his regular girlfriends is pregnant. He begins self reflecting and on his way to his party. He stops and saves a little girl as the countryside begins going wild. He also discovers his sister and nieces are dead. He reverses coarse and agrees to help the girl find her father. "We now need to fuck now."Zak Hilditch, director of Plum Role, The Toll, Waiting for Naval Base Lilly, and The Actress, delivers These Final Hours. The storyline had some cool twists and turns and I enjoyed watching it unfold. I loved the characters and their evolution and how the film ultimately ends. The acting is solid and the performances are delivered with the appropriate level of drama."This is a fucking coffin, not home..."This was recently added to Netflix and looked interesting so I added it to the wish list. This was way better and more interesting than I expected with some cool twists and turns in the plot. The character evolution was very well done and I loved how it concluded. I recommend seeing this once."Do you ever think you might end up in hell instead of heaven?"Grade: B-