After getting fired from his current job as a pilot and dumped by his current wife, he seeks to find a new job. Out of desperation on the job market he disguises himself as a woman in order to get a job from Silver, a company seeking a female pilot. The lines between his female and male life as well as his personal and love life starts to become a blur which he eventually cannot handle.

After getting fired from his current job as a pilot and dumped by his current wife, he seeks to find a new job. Out of desperation on the job market he disguises himself as a woman in order... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Andy D (fr) wrote: Still waiting to laugh :-(

Matt C (de) wrote: Really cute, down-to-earth movie. Ellen Page does an awesome job! Really cute.

Lisa W (us) wrote: The acting was great, but the story was terrible. We still love Billy Bob though

chris a (au) wrote: sure its easy to watch but the acting is a disaster and the overall story extremely lame

Maja M (it) wrote: Delightful and charming! A wonderful character story!

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