A talented New York bartender takes a job at a bar in Jamaica and falls in love.

Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) wants a high-paying marketing job, but needs a business degree first. He decides to take a job at a bar in Jamaica raise enough money to open his own one, and there, he falls in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brendan N (ag) wrote: The film has a relentless chase in the second half of the film that is easily one of the best seen on film. I couldn't stop watching and was glued to my seat, this is great filmmaking and another Asian film to showcase the high standard of film. Beautiful to watch and easily climbs into the top ten of 2011.

George I (ca) wrote: Interesting guy, crap movie.

Sarah E (ca) wrote: Beautiful and heartfelt story

Jennie H (kr) wrote: More interesting than I expected.

Cris F (au) wrote: [color=black][font=Tahoma][font=Arial]Looking for a quirky, offbeat flick, check out Rare Birds. It is full of interesting characters, and a few unexpected subplots (maybe too many, but it worked for me). I enjoyed William Hurt?s subtle comedic delivery, especially as it plays off actor, Andy Jones? more gregarious character, Phones Murphy (?Always have a plan B Dave?). Phones is like the friend that can take any bad situation and turn it around into something positive or at least into a less serious problem. ;)[/font][/font][/color][color=black][font=Tahoma][font=Arial][size=2]The pace of this film is unhurried, but I appreciated the slow unfolding of the story, although it ends a bit abruptly, as it tries to bring all the subplots to together. [/size][/font][/font][/color]

Theo M (ru) wrote: Interesting movie, but not as good as Leon: The Professional.

Joanna H (ca) wrote: Ethan Hawke!?! directing?

Tim N (es) wrote: why did they try to make this into a comedy.

Leon B (ag) wrote: "Kiss The Girls" isn't an all out bad movie if your into mystery and twists. The plot begins with detective Alex Cross, played by Morgan Freeman is on a murder case to catch a serial killer who goes by the name of "Casanova," who has a lust for women and wants them to fall in love with him. Kate McTiernan, who is played by Ashley Judd is kidnapped by Dr Will Rudolph (played by Tony Goldwyn), who is a partner of Casanova. It is said in the movie that they met during college and have kept in contact with each other ever since. There is a few ways to describe "Kiss The Girls" and is that it is one of them movies that you would have to follow from the very start to know what the story is about. All in all it is a good movie with a good cast.

charlotte w (es) wrote: This is a good bad film. It's a bit slow to start with, very daytime tv-ish but with a good cocktail I enjoyed it, more of an eclectic film than a chick flick, has an indie, wacky independent movie feel. Own it if you have paid less than 99p for it, and love collecting films, or if you are a big Angelina Jolie fan and have to have every film she has been in.

Muhammed S (kr) wrote: Seriously! WTF! Strange Flick!

Drew H (us) wrote: Cheesy and overly sentimental. Charlie Schlatter thank fuck I don't have to but up with him trying to act anymore.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: Haven't you seen a little girl named Bunny?Ann Lake and her four year daughter move to England from America to be closer to her brother, Steve. Ann drops Bunny off at class on her first day of school, and her school never reports seeing her. The police come to investigate the missing child...and they're not sure Ann's daughter ever existed. Will Ann have to find her daughter on her own or was Bunny an imaginary friend in Ann's head?"Perhaps you should sample the wine before you send it back to the cellar."Otto Preminger, director of Laura, A Royal Scandal, Fallen Angel, Whirlpool, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Carmen Jones, Rosebud, and The Human Factor, delivers Bunny Lake is Missing. The storyline for this picture is amazing and on par with Psycho (literally, that good). The drama is gripping and the character development is breathtaking. The cast delivers unbelievable performances and includes Laurence Olivier, Carol Lynley, Anna Massey, Finlay Currie, and Keir Dullea."I would have thought the natural thing would be to worry about the child."I DVR'd this picture because it was on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) this Halloween season and the plot sounded interesting. This is my favorite film from this past Halloween and I was amazed at the intensity of this picture. This is an absolutely a must see film that was honestly as good as Psycho. This is worth adding to your DVD collection."I have all of their nightmares on my tape machine."Grade: A+

Jay T (us) wrote: I can't turn this off every single time it airs on Showtime. What a weird and wonderful movie.

Jack B (us) wrote: fun with Marilyn Chambers

Bill M (nl) wrote: Just not that into Faulkner.