Coconut Hero

Coconut Hero

It's not easy being a teenager and Mike, a sixteen-year-old, has it espcially hard. He lives in the sticks with his mother, a non-stop nagger, in Faintville, a Canadian timber industry town. He has no father, no friends, not even a favorite meal. Basically, his sole wish is simply to vanish from the face of the earth. One day, Mike writes his own obituary and shoots himself. To his great disappointment he wakes up the in the local hospital. During a routine examination, the doctors discover a plum-sized tumor in his brain. Mike can scarcely believe his luck and keeps the illness to himself to avoid undergoing surgery that would save him. Staring death directly in the eyes, however, changes Mike's point of view and he re-evaluates his opinion of both enchanting and crazy Miranda. Somebody seems to understand him after all.

Set in the middle of Nowheresville, the movie centers on 16-year-old Mike, suffering from a fatal brain tumor, reconsiders his struggles when he meets the love of his life, without even knowing what love is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pam D (es) wrote: Blown away by the attention to the truth of the animals. Smart and witty. Sam Jackson was great and true to form in this one. Huzzah

John H (nl) wrote: freeform quasi-documentary drama. aimless adolescence.

Davin G (it) wrote: Was a decent movie until the last 15 minutes...then it was hilarious!

Marion A (ru) wrote: fantastisk! tror jeg aldri har ledd s mye og s hyt!

Dylan P (us) wrote: A disturbing look inside the operations of where our country's major religious centers are headed, Hell House delivers a shock to those unfamiliar with the fanatic faithful. Although a terrifying view of religious evangelicals, the documentary in itself sometimes failed to keep my attention with 5+ minutes of what seems to be just "wandering footage", including walking around the construction head's house and family morning life. Nonetheless, Hell House's antics and deep look at societal issues reflected with an Evangelical perspective gave me the creeps, and made me worry about what these kind of people will do next to make their "truth" known.

bill s (nl) wrote: Generic stuff but Bullock makes it work.

Nathan G (jp) wrote: I don't know why this one gets such bad reviews -- I loved it. One of my all-time favorites, in general.

Eva G (it) wrote: Not bad, but it's never quite able to build up tythe suspense, and the final act feels a bit rushed.

aaron s (kr) wrote: Stereotypical 80s horror/drama boobs, bad effects, below average box office.

Jonathan C (au) wrote: A decent sci-fi action with a little mystery thrown in that has great special effects. It only shares the title in common with the Asimov book that they ignored.

David Y (gb) wrote: Great movie, ruined only by a corny conclusion

Calvin R (us) wrote: Return of the king was a awesome satisfying conclusion to a masterpiece trilogy.