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Ifiok O (fr) wrote: It's a unique take on werewolf horror that broke new ground with its special effects for the wolf transformations. There are a few references to other films that involve werewolves,, and the premise is frightening.

Shakhawat K (br) wrote: dark, emotional and a great story...its a thrill ride with great voice talent...

Shiv N (gb) wrote: Ramchand Pakistani is one of those movies that will grip you from scene one and wont let go till the movie ends. It is one of those cinematic experiences that you can??t forget. The movie is a story of a Pakistani Hindu Boy and his father, who by mistake cross the border. The movie, although slow in pace, is fast in so many other ways. Everyone associated with this movie has done a commendable job. Be it the 2 boys who played Ramchand or the father or Nadita Das. But the real show stealer is Maria Wasti. Every time she comes on screen, she just lights fire. If nothing else go watch this movie for her. It??s a Must watch.!

Andrea S (fr) wrote: No way! I like this Pegg/Frost movie too

Stephen H (au) wrote: An inspired performance from Don Cheadle elevates a rather uneven film that can't decide if it's a drama or a comedy.

Fredrik L (de) wrote: Interresting to see, but ends when the story in question actually starts to be enlightening.

Ben M (ag) wrote: Pretty funny. I enjoyed it

Northington M (it) wrote: if you havent seen it. you better.

Dean T (br) wrote: A fun schlocky movie, badly acted & hilariously over-wrought. The last act is fantastic when a teacher pushed too far doles out bloody revenge. Noteable for an early performance from Michael (pre-J) Fox sporting baby fat & the haircut of a 30 year old woman.

Todd P (it) wrote: must. resist. urge. to make. Mark E. Smith jokes.

Andr D (au) wrote: El director Richard Fleischer dirige este clasico de la ciencia ficcion de un modo frio pero aefectivo, en el que un grupo de cientificos se reduce a un tamano microscopico para disolver un coagulo en el cerebro de otro cientifico que esconde secretos muy importantes. Entretenida de principio a fin, con una direccion de arte fuera de lo comun y con una Raquel Welch supersexy.

Jonny C (us) wrote: The final installment of John Ford's cavalry trilogy, is as intelligent and entertaining as its predecessors. The duke reprises his role as Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke, the role he first played in Fort Apache, and is rejoined by Ben Johnson who reprises his role his role as Sgt. Tyree from She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (confusing I know). Along with other familiar actors from the trilogy, screen goddess Maureen O'Hara provides the eye candy on this occasion, in her first of 5 appearances alongside The Duke.Rio Grande may not be as memorable as the first 2, but it's got all the right ingrediants that make a great western.

Keith F (gb) wrote: the worst movie ,i have ever seen. it has some of worst acting ever. script is really bad.

Wendy D (es) wrote: The plot centers on a college female a cappella music group called "The Barden Bellas" which has to compete against another groups from different schools to enter and win the nationals. The story turns out to be extravagant, entertaining, crazy and fun. It is not like the typical easy jokes among college that focus on naked people, or sex. Within the central story there is not surprise, everything is as the viewer imagines, everything is predictable, anyone can imagine what will happen at the end without any doubt. However, the interesting bet on Jason Moore is the easiness with which he presents his characters and his little dilemmas: not only get into college and making new friends is difficult, but above all, strive to excel in a world increasingly hostile and competitive, which is, after all, and grow.

Charlie G (mx) wrote: Action movie with some humor.

Naomi Michelle H (nl) wrote: Money can and will change your prospective on life, but movie was great for laughs.