Code of Honor

Code of Honor

Colonel Robert Sikes is on a mission to rid his city of crime. As a stealthy, one-man assault team, he will take on street gangs, mobsters, and politicians with extreme prejudice until his mission is complete. His former protégé, William Porter, teams up with the local police department to bring his former commander to justice and prevent him from further vigilantism.

When his family is killed in a drive-by shooting, Robert Sikes vows to rid his city of crime. Can his former protégé, now an FBI agent, stop him before mobsters and police close in? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob D (us) wrote: Not Woody Allen's best movie but a perfectly fine movie.

Jim S (us) wrote: Well acted but unfortunately predictable story that eventually plays out like an X-rated adult sitcom. It's very raunchy at times and you'll never look at a cantaloupe the same way again.

Ken T (gb) wrote: These are the same guys that produce that (pardon the pun) dog of a movie, "Dog Soldiers"...Definitely a low, low budget and straight to video British horror film. The acting was boring, the special efforts were piss poor and the so called wolves were a cheesy joke. This wasn't on my radar and it just happened to be a Library foray that landed me this and I wished I had left it where it was...

Ryan R (ru) wrote: It's an ok film at best that's worth a watch maybe once. Kristen Stewart fails at acting yet again.

Vincent T (br) wrote: Well made anime film in terms of structure and message. Tackling different themes and peering through new ones, it certainly goes away from the mold of most anime by looking beyond good and evil. Excellent adaptation of the manga, which sadly most anime series fail to do.

Anton T (fr) wrote: Awsomeness put on film!

David B (ag) wrote: A fun, fast-paced boxing bio-pic. Nothing really new here, but it is fun to watch early Paul Newman - trying on a Noo Yahk accent. Not some of his best work, but he's so immensely charismatic, it doesn't matter. It's also interesting to see Robert Wise's pre-"West Side Story" use of real New York locations and his treatment of tough-guy teens (non-dancing, natch).

erika r (ca) wrote: probably one of the most moving stories i have ever seen on film...

Mildred A (de) wrote: Great characters and a great story but I will admit, many of the characters scared the heck out of me!

Kelly K (jp) wrote: This has comedy, romance and some very good lessons for single men and women. Worth seeing.

Brandon E (fr) wrote: Even after two years this movie still feels so refreshing. This both cements Idris Elba as one of the finest actors of this generation and Cary Fukunaga as one of the finest filmmakers of his generation. This film also boasts the best child actor performance I have ever seen.