Code Red

Code Red

A female doctor struggling to find her daughter after a long lost World War II biological weapon explodes on a U.S. military base in Bulgaria, turning people into mutant zombies.

In World War II, Stalin Stalin created a top-secret biochemical weapon that could decimate his enemies, which went missing shortly after the Battle of Stalingrad. Over seventy years later, the horrific nerve gas resurfaces in modern day Bulgaria, turning the local inhabitants into frenzied mutants and causing the dead to rise from the grave. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wes S (de) wrote: It takes a bit for the story to get moving, and some parts are pretty silly, but it manages to be somewhat interesting despite its loose concepts. Englund is a nice touch, even if it is not his best role. The ending is a bit slow, and rather unsatisfying, and certain parts were fairly dull. It's not entirely bad, though it is on the forgettable side.

Kristin R (nl) wrote: Pretty average as far as dance films go! The best scene was the one in the suit! Amazing moves! This girl can dance!

Callie M (au) wrote: This movie was so heart touching to me. I love how educational it seems to be and how it shows that everyone with Alzheimer's act completely different and also showed how it impacts the other loved one. They'll have their days where they remember pretty much anything but then a day where they're zoned. I wanted to see it because I'm a nurse the runs an assisted living just for Dementia/Alzheimer's and one of the saddest thing in the job is when one of my residents can remember I'm from Missouri that we talked about 2 months ago but can never remember his wife of 55 years. Everyone should see this and just feel the impact and how interesting but yet sad this disease really is.

FRED P (us) wrote: This was the first movie I watched with Carol. I knew if she liked this movie we would get along great.

Andrey B (jp) wrote: Nicely done film with quite believable version of the future and of course the charisma of Arnold.

bryn l (ca) wrote: Just seen Zulu on Netflix and have to say that it still stands the test of time. If judging it as a drama/war film it is quite powerful and emotional especially with the Singing from both the Zulus and the Welsh members. However, I can't rate this 5 stars because this film portrays historical inaccuracies about the portrayal of certain people (as it claims to be factual) and the fact there was no singing at Rorke's drift. The film also suggests that they were a South Wales regiment which didn't happen until later and the song they would have sung would have been The Warwickshire Lad. Watch this film if you want to watch a classic but don't watch it if you want a history lesson, go elsewhere. but all in all a watchable film.

jarrad b (ag) wrote: Ok movie, nothing special to differentiate it from anything else in the genre

Brad S (ru) wrote: Not much for the acting, but it's very tense. I don't know, I like movies like this, watch it.

Joe A (ag) wrote: For a straight-to-video, it isn't too bad, it definitely tries. However, for a straight-to-video, it lacked the action and tries to take it-self too seriously.

Bill (br) wrote: I give this movie 3 stars only because of Marilyn Monroe. She really doesn't belong in this movie. She seems so much more modern than the rest of the cast that it seems she must of come out of some kind of time warp, but as usual, once she's grabbed the camera, she doesn't let go. Her musical numbers are fabulous. Ethel Merman is always fun, but I have always thought she and Dan Dailey make an odd couple. I also could never understand what Marilyn would see in Donald O'Connor. Johnnie Ray's presence adds nothing to the movie. Enough already with Alexander's Ragtime Band.