Cody Black

Cody Black

Meet Cody Black. A man who makes a living robbing other people's homes. Coming home early to his girlfriend Keela and his friend Sean, his life makes a turn when a group of men invade his ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
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Meet Cody Black. A man who makes a living robbing other people's homes. Coming home early to his girlfriend Keela and his friend Sean, his life makes a turn when a group of men invade his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (jp) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie! It works on many levels.

Walter M (ag) wrote: In "Restless City," Djibril(Sy Assane) is a recent immigrant to New York City from Dakar, Senegal. Currently, he makes his living as a sidewalk vendor. Sometime in the future, he hopes to make a living through his own music. Enter Trini(Sky Grey)."Restless City" could be thought of as a sincere examination of an immigrant's struggles in America. Making matters harder is his running afoul of the wrong people.At least, that's what I thought it might be about, as "Restless City" is so drowning in style and jump cuts, it is hard to make sense of some of it. It's all the more aggravating and confounding, considering this kind of difficult approach is not the right way to go with the limited means on display.

Michi C (br) wrote: Really emotional and show a beautiful friendship with up and downs. It's touching

Konstantinos L (es) wrote: ...for the greatness of stills, the echoes, the helicopter, the eye beneath the bed, the barking dogs, the silent cat,the crematorium, the erotic stretching hand towards the breast, the nail painting, the persisting but kind obsession...

Fadia H (br) wrote: A really intresting and funny movie

Collin P (fr) wrote: There Will Be Blood is a masterpiece of filmmaking with beautiful cinematography, top notch performances and a unique, intriguing story even if it is a just a bit too long.

Rania A (us) wrote: A funny feel good film.. However it may not appeal to many of those older than pre-teens as it can be seen as very silly.

Mitch S (nl) wrote: I really never like Geena Davis, but this melodramatic crap really takes the cake. Blech! (D-)

Chris O (es) wrote: 20 years old, and still completely relevant today. Maybe more relevant, as the Robert's supporters as portrayed in the movie pretty much are the Tea Party.

Bobby D (au) wrote: A blast from the past. One of the better monster films and if you might notice on the first run through that all the Earth creatures attack the monster first that starts out rather benign but ends up getting angrier and angrier by the end of the film it's fighting everything to just stay alive.

Kirk E (au) wrote: Not one of the duo's funnier moments.

Justin B (nl) wrote: What a strange little film! The plot, some rubbish about murder and sexual awakening in the big city, is literally incoherent; the so-called "proto-neo-realist" tendencies of the film are nowhere to be found, as both the directing and the editing are nearly delirious from start to finish. Yet there's an undeniable purity (or anti-purity?) to the whole affair--I'd be tempted to say that it strips Hitchcock and Lynch down to their essence if it wasn't for the obvious fact that it was made in 1926. In the end, I think it's less of a masterpiece than a curio, but it's definitely compelling and worth watching anyway.

Justin T (es) wrote: Wasn't expecting much, I mean Liam Neeson films like this are a dime a dozen these days. However, I thought it was a solid murder mystery. Some nice cinematography and of course Neeson being a badass what else could you ask for?

Mitchell B (fr) wrote: Thrillers like this are a dime a dozen, but when yours stars current cinema darling Jennifer Lawrence it's gonna be held up to a higher level of scrutiny than the legions of others. Unfortunately The House At The End Of The Street (which is never established as a geographic certainty) never rises above a run of the mill, spooky house, mysterious neighbour whodunnit, with a twist that's telegraphed about a quarter of the way in. From that point it's a formulaic procession of "don't go in there" blunders that are more exasperating than entertaining.

Eliabeth M (gb) wrote: I throughly enjoyed this movie, and when I see it on DVD am likely to purchase it