Coffee with D

Coffee with D

A celebrated journalist interviews one of the world's most dreaded terrorists, "D".

A celebrated journalist interviews one of the world's most dreaded terrorists, "D". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Coffee with D torrent reviews

Brian C (mx) wrote: Well acted, and interesting story, but ultimately it doesn't gel, and is boring

Rick I (mx) wrote: Felt like a really long Twilight Zone episode. Very slow.

Bob B (us) wrote: Friggin' love this movie!! Jesse E. Is definitely my favorite actor(currently XD) Hopefully, there'll be Zombieland 2 with the original casts

Thrse F (kr) wrote: Not interested in watching this.

Jamie C (it) wrote: Good first half but the second half isn't as good and turns into a predictable thriller, The twist was good but we have seen it all before.

Mithun M (kr) wrote: Communication doesnt need words..

Jamie E (mx) wrote: This made it on my Top 3 Worst Movies Ever List! The stupidest movie I ever have seen for sure!!!

Private U (gb) wrote: An absolute classic mind f*ck, quite obviously designed to be watched whilst under the influence of substances. Vincent Price is at his camp best as the mad surgeon but the best version is the video one where for copyright reasons they had to replace the original 60s soundtrack with a dire 1980's pop soundtrack which just makes the film even funnier. Highly recommended for people with no taste.

Weul S (kr) wrote: Only a half hour long, yet this film bombards you with the visceral atrocities of nazi concentration camps, images that will forever haunt.

Mark D (jp) wrote: Politically Incorrect to the bone, but a hell of a lot of fun.

Danny M (ag) wrote: Great film! I prefer this rocky to the first one! And the ended is done so well with the music etc. Look forward to watching the third one

John H (it) wrote: I thought it was a great romantic comedy it was typical but then again it wasn't

Lucia B (es) wrote: Now that's another movie with some really admirable acting going on. Nicely done. (y)

Mike Y (ca) wrote: A Good Movie tho Not Uplifting