Awakening from a deep sleep in the pitch black Sean Justice feels around him and realises that he is in a small wooden box and beside him lays his unconscious girlfriend. With only two hours of air time remaining a ransom demand is made of $500,000 dollars in cash for the location of their wooden prison.

Jack Samms' evening started normal enough. But then the mysterious masked stranger, known as Trick, pays him a visit. Within minutes, Jack is faced with a ticking clock after Trick reveals ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Synthia J (ag) wrote: It has great film quality and very touching story that just makes you mad at the world for the indecency it can elude. This film based on a true story made me cry from start to finish.

Simon P (jp) wrote: An obsessive Tony Manero imitator carries out casual acts of murderous violence as he works on his dance routines during the oppressive Pinochet regime. Dark and edgy.

Barry N (au) wrote: Could've been way better, but it suceeds in being an entertaining biopic about Billy Graham.

Sean Michael S (ca) wrote: A humble door opener for the director and mind behind "Mary and Max", this short film takes on the subjects of death and mental illness (a common trait of Adam Elliot's work). An interesting piece that doesn't "do" but just "is". Overall a quick and quaint narrative with interesting animation and a dark charm.

Anthony H (ag) wrote: Loosely based on a true story of a Palestinian family defiantly continuing to live in their house which has been occupied by the Israeli army. The patriarchal father refuses to leave on principle and his family dubiously obey. This film made me glad I don't live there.

Aaron H (gb) wrote: Why don't people like this movie?!?!

Josh H (mx) wrote: Its sort of better than Highlander 2 but true Highlander fans ought to stay far far away from this movie

Yury C (ag) wrote: Aunque que la version que tenemos este cortada y que la version no truncada del director probablemente sea mejor, me siento identificado con casi todo en este film. Realmente son algunos detalles los que nos definen como seres humanos, independiente de la epoca que nos toque vivir. Desde mi perspectiva, lo mejor de la pelicula es el guion y Robin Williams.

Andy C (ag) wrote: Ludicrous - Nazi elf attempts to impregnate a chosen one to bring about a race of's as good as you can imagine.

Helen H (it) wrote: This was suppose to be Molly Ringwalds breakout role from her cutsy teenage roles. But it just didn't work. lets just say she was trying to hard to be sexy.

Scott P (ag) wrote: Would probably higher if it weren't for the kid. Bang! Bang bang bang bang bang! I love you! I hate you! Bang! Maybe I'm just used to the quality of child actors we have these days, but this kid was Cousin Oliver annoying. I'm stunned he was up for an Oscar.Otherwise, excellent movie.

Nina S (it) wrote: Thoughts: 1) Alcoholism is no longer funny 2) Old people are no longer funny 3) Wrestling is still bogus And yet, Fields is funny, and in this movie, an accomplished actor. The movie itself is not one of his best.

Ginette A (ca) wrote: I'm a Lil confused by it..... its like a real life computer game ;)

Collin P (fr) wrote: An average comic book movie with an over the top ending. However it does have its moments, especially with humor.