Coffin Baby

Coffin Baby

An attractive young woman is kidnapped, held captive and forced to endure the evils of one of the most violent homicidal maniacs in the city's history. "The Toolbox Killer" aka TBK. It is by her will, strength and her faith that she must survive, the ordeal. Her escape is almost hopeless. Unfortunately her situation only worsens when outside supernatural forces become more difficult to contend with than TBK.

Hollywood, California is turned upside down by a series of strange and horrific murders creating chaos and turmoil in tinsel town. One particular victim is kidnapped, held captive and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James D (ca) wrote: Good film. A bit short and the ending could have been polished up a bit

Say S (au) wrote: "Eye In the Sky is a real movie And it"s good and it Stars Helen Mirren. And it's a good movie, what's wrong with Eye in the Sky"- Thanks, Andy. R T

Jen G (de) wrote: I really liked this :)

oniverse m (it) wrote: this my not be what the fans of the games are looking for but without that it's a good entertaining film

Emma H (es) wrote: I love the book and this is a pretty good adaptation. Some rather stiff acting at time from the younger actors, but I think that was due to inexperience at the time. Charlotte Gainsbourg & Andrew Robertson excellent in their roles. I found the house and its surrounding not quite righ - it did not look like this was in Britain, but otherwise well-done.

Ger M (ca) wrote: I need to catch the end of this. The music was good and it was overall very 80s. But it had some ok action scenes, even if the acting got too far over the top.I couldn't recommend it (unless maybe you are nostaligic for the mid-Eighties,) but I woudl watch it again.

Spyros T (ca) wrote: Although at some point the story gets boring and at some point I got a bit bored, the eccentric secondary characters that populate the underground city, the music and the hole 80's feeling kept my interest alive. Christopher Lambert used to be a good actor, what happened to him?

Alexander P (fr) wrote: Creeped the crap out of me in some parts. Chloe was great as she usually is. But Julianne just took the creepiness to a whole new level. Some deaths did shock me but this shows that you should never piss off a girl at Prom!

Edwin H (nl) wrote: Quite an enjoyable Hitchcockian experience.

Chad H (mx) wrote: Want something quick, lousy, and entertaining? Than this is the movie for you. There really isn't much to say but the movie is good. I mean its not great but its not bad by any means. The effects are cheesy and so is the acting. The make up effects are surprisingly okay and work well with the black and white shading. This movie is definitely up there with a cult following. If you're a fan of the cult movies than I would give this one a watch. Definitely worth the time. It has an original idea and a few good moments, check it out.

Nate A (es) wrote: An interesting and colorful interpretation of the Orpheus myth. Instead of Greece, this is set in the wild and uninhibited atmosphere of Carnival in Rio. Most of the movie is dancing or singing (it's not a musical though), so if those things bother you, steer clear.It relies almost entirely on atmosphere and setting, and in that regard it's extremely successful. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would find this movie obnoxious, but I enjoyed it.

Steve T (it) wrote: I am not big into Sci Fi, but this one looks promising - I love old films.

Thomas B (au) wrote: Polarising for sure but a great performance from Theron and a barbed script from Cody put this firmly in my thumbs up column. Full review later.

Alasdair G (us) wrote: absolutely amazing film