Coffin Rock

Coffin Rock

A woman unable to conceive a child with her husband, despite years of trying, makes the drunken mistake of sleeping with a young stranger. The stranger then goes to terrifying lengths to prove his paternity.

A woman unable to conceive a child with her husband, despite 15 months of trying, makes the drunken mistake of sleeping with a young stranger. The stranger then goes to terrifying lengths to prove his paternity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason G (au) wrote: Standard shoot-em-up.

J B (gb) wrote: Dark, edgy, and seductive. From the first scene, 'Dare' is relatable, and sets the stage for an authentic experience. There's an early interaction between Alan Cumming and Emmy Rossum that's insightful and pivotal to the rest of the film. Although it doesn't quite live up to that promise, 'Dare' doesn't fit the mould of typical teen dramas either. As these characters experiment and act on their impulses, the thrill of being uncensored and uninhibited is liberating, but at the same time, the result is confusing and a disconnect from their expectations. Therein lies the honesty of the film and the journey of self-discovery. You could say the movie feels unfinished for not delving deeper into the characters, but it's also realistic in that no matter how well you know someone, you can't possibly know everything about them. There's always an air of mystery to people.

William H (us) wrote: Not a bad "gross out" comedy. There were a couple of parts that got me laughing pretty hard but other than that it was just ok.

Jerry F (jp) wrote: It features an all star cast. Not too bad. Entertaining. Has it's moments. But when it was finished, all I felt was sad and depressed.

Eytan D (nl) wrote: "The Omen" is certainly not the worst horror remake ever made. "Psycho" stills holds that title. The movie is stylish and gory, and it has an eerily funny advantage to having been released on June 6th, 2006. But the biggest issue with this one is that it doesn't do anything new. It practically follows every plot line and bit of dialogue in the original by heart. Any changes are minor and insignificant. Though Liev Schrieber and Julia Stiles are good performers, they don't hold a candle to Gregory Peck or Lee Remick. Perhaps the coolest, most ironic trait "The Omen" has going for it is Mia Farrow, mother of "Rosemary's Baby", playing Mrs. Baylock, the nanny from hell. She is good and makes the character her own, but the character was much more terrifying in that we knew she was trouble from the beginning. Overall, not awful, but not okay either. Just mediocre.

Samantha S (gb) wrote: Ving Rhames is amazing in this, very unlike his usual macho performances. Movie is heartbreaking and has a great supporting cast. You've got to love Alfre Woodard, she's fantastic.

Michael H (br) wrote: This film didn't know what it was trying to accomplish, but the end result was great fodder for MST3K.

Francis M (de) wrote: Limited story, that just was not well made.

Cassie R (it) wrote: Not Interested.Not Interested.

Kayla S (br) wrote: Sindey Poitier is funny...It's a great movie.River Phoenox was great in it.

FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: 65%The captain may be an understanding guy, as for me, not so much. A rather slow disaster flick, even with the top notch line up of actors. What's long and hard and full of seamen?

Gregory W (de) wrote: good suspense but a little dated now

Joana P (ag) wrote: O my God I saw this movie so many time and I see it again in any time...I love it!!

Tiffany D (ru) wrote: TBS features a beautiful Maureen O'Hara - and an even more beautiful Tyrone Power in a pirate swashbuckler that's brimming with campy fun. The beginning is quite slow, but the latter half is a terrific ride - plus, it also features greats like George Sanders, Thomas Mitchell, and a young Anthony Quinn. It's biggest flaw is too much focus on sword fighting and not enough on the characters. 3 1/2+ stars

John L (au) wrote: While Red Skelton is a respectable and skilled actor, this movie is a shameless remake of King Vidor's 1931 Best Picture Oscar winner, The Champ. It pales badly by comparison. Bypass this movie for the original which is much more compelling in telling the story.