Cold and Dark

Cold and Dark

When Detective Mortimer Shade is somehow killed in a freezer, a parasite called a grail possesses his body, revives him, but he needs blood to stay alive. His partner John Dark accepts the ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:beach,   bathroom,   bathtub,  

When Detective Mortimer Shade is somehow killed in a freezer, a parasite called a grail possesses his body, revives him, but he needs blood to stay alive. His partner John Dark accepts the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cold and Dark torrent reviews

peter u (mx) wrote: really good documentary Ive never played Dota but it really get me into that world

David B (ag) wrote: Interesting lowish budget found footage film set in Devon with some good scenes and performances but let down by a confusing final act which frustratingly leaves questions unanswered. A cut above the usual found footage fare.

Annette D (ru) wrote: Interesting. Great actors of course, Hope Davis is a brilliant Hilary.

Alex W (gb) wrote: yeah you can't dislike this movie. A few minor flaws don't slow it down much, I didn't like the america who defected to the Canada team at first but i realized by the end of the film that if you want to be a murderball coach your options are very very limited.

Marcus L (fr) wrote: Probably the best comedy for marriage, relationship ever, but you have watch "infferal Affair" before this.

Rune B (fr) wrote: Av dei fira Bent Hamer-filmane eg har sitt, s e detta den klart beste. Eg lo ganske mje, og i motsetning te de andre, s blir ikkje denna for kjedelige og langdradde ittekvart.

Jason O (fr) wrote: I usually call movies "movies". This is a film. A perfect film.

Dave M (fr) wrote: This is a "B" movie that somehow spot on nails what it's like to be in fifth grade. And it's hilarious.

Adhitama R (es) wrote: Hilarious black comedy that should be appreciated more. One of very underrated gem.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: This is one hell of a movie. The combo of gangster and samurai is unmatched brilliance and Whitaker takes it to a whole new level.

Greg W (it) wrote: An exciting albeit illogical tale of mystery and suspense.

Jaret M (mx) wrote: I'm afraid to watch this movie...

Matt G (kr) wrote: Classic tail mixed in with a funny little twist written by the King of British comedy Mr Richard Curtis as he officially kicks off his film Hatrick and the first to join Hugh Grant aswell, Hugh Grant plays the guy who is always a best men but never the groom, but when he finds love he considers if being the groom will be so bad, in the end it takes 4 weddings and a funeral ( a funeral with a impovering speech) to deside what he wants with this no lay about American Girlie. Joined with Hugh Grant is Andie McDowell (probobly the most annoying character ever) and a whole bunch of other cast to support Hugh in his time in need such as Richard Curtis's regular actor Rowan Atkinson. Full of Charm, romance, comedy and all round Britishness. There is no film like it, well apart from all his other film, It's official Mr Curtis makes the best romcoms ever put to the test and his one to start of his career was gold dust kinda

Jennifer B (jp) wrote: it's been a LONG time but i remember really liking this as a kid!

jeroen v (ag) wrote: The worst Allen film so far. Naff story with boring characters, unimaginatively directed by a tired man working solely on routine. The acting is atrocious. The plot has black holes as opposed to mere holes and a collander would be more waterproof. Allen plays himself with disdain, his feigned gusto being a satire on previous roles. I paid $4.- for this from the ex-rental bin and lost on the transaction.

Howard F (es) wrote: Didn't get great reviews, but as for endings, it was quite good. Also, as a Christian, I applaud how sympathetic the storyline was to the role of faith for humanity. I thought it was honest.

Jeffrey N (br) wrote: Entirely too long, unworthy of the cast's talent and beyond stupid, "Your Highness" was greenlit for some reason and widely released while so many other much better films are relegated to the festival circuit. Heck, it even took convincing over many years to get the "Anchorman" sequel approved while this crap was fast-tracked. While it had its humorous moments, this film is an embarrassment to filmmaking. Hopefully the delay of "Mr. Machine" by pretty much the same main cast and crew is a sign that cooler heads prevailed.

Janice G (ca) wrote: This was suppose to be a horror film. I didn't jump once. I kept waiting for something, anything but got nothing. You could tell it was a budge film by the fact that there were only four actors... They played both themselves and other people. Her flashbacks were keys to her lost memories. Lost memories that should have stayed lost...