Cold Dog Soup

Cold Dog Soup

Randy Quaid as the taxi driver drives Zen parables (Is time money - Is time the root of all evil?) into his passenger/protegee in a high-speed, idiosyncratic tour of their city's ethnic coteries. All the boy wants is to dispose of his date's dead dog Jasper and get back to the babe who's so hot she mutters darkly about being a Pressure Cooker: his conventional efforts are continually thwarted. Quaid is respected by the peculiar groups he interests in the dog's corpse and effects, and our one-gloved heroine is much keener on him than on her rather lackluster date.

Randy Quaid as the taxi driver drives Zen parables (Is time money - Is time the root of all evil?) into his passenger/protegee in a high-speed, idiosyncratic tour of their city's ethnic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul N (ca) wrote: While this film is often pretty to look at, there isn't any substance to it. Characters are superficial. Dialog is almost non-existent. The action picks up in the second half and doesn't really stop, but that doesn't mean that it makes any sense. I guess if Angelina Jolie can bend a bullet, bending an arrow really isn't such a big deal. Philosophically, duty and loyalty are the pre-eminent virtues in this film. Nam-Yi is devoted to his brotherly duty to look after his sister, Ja-In, who also holds the devotion of her near-husband. Even the baddies demonstrate loyalty and compassion for one another (though predictably none for their enemies).

J D (au) wrote: Lags in a few places, but it's anchored well by a superb performance by the always great William H. Macy. Like other movies about anti-Semitism and racism, this one sometimes almost feels like an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" type of movie because while the protagonists try to live their normal lives, the bigots act more and more irrational, but act out in such a way that what they do seems clinical, cold, and logical in their own warped minds, making the protagonist have to "act out" and "cause problems". Meat Loaf also turns in a surprisingly strong performance as the next door neighbor, part Cro-Magnon, part backyard BBQ buddy, part pod person bigot. It takes a bit to start moving, but when Macy and Paymer (also doing a great job) start debating, the soul of the movie is really revealed. I didn't quite get the ending, but I'm going to be reading Miller's novel to get a more in-depth look at this well-done story.

Lenny G (kr) wrote: Fairly good. I didn't know too much about Prefontaine and with my becoming a runner these past few years I found his story both fascinating and sad. He was obviously a rare talent, but I don't think the film did a good enough job at showing how he trained, how much commitment, dedication and agony it takes to compete at his level. For some reason it's easier to capture in other sports movies, but very tough in movies about running. To run at speeds like Prefontaine did it is excruciating and I don't think the film captured that. However, still very much worth seeing.

Joel A (de) wrote: A film that surprised me that it was such a flop at the box office since it had great characters & really well done.This is arguably Julia Roberts first film that got her name out there just before she became a household name in Pretty Woman.This is a natural real film with three well made out & thought provoking women, this is definitely chick flick but all the women in this film are so different & distinct. All though this film has been done many times but this was likable & stood out as intelligent study of women in a no name town.

Jose Miguel G (mx) wrote: The art and direction may be top of the line, but the substance it's somewhere out of the audience reach.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Gritty picture with top notch performances all around. I love Beau Bridges' under-appreciated role here.

Paul D (ca) wrote: A strangely alluring b-movie horror, which although contains very little gore remains a good Hammer production. Is also loosely based on real events.

Tatsuhito K (es) wrote: The film has its flaws, but the winning chemistry between Carrey and McGregor carries the show. I Love You Phillip Morris, a tragicomedy by the guys who directed the excellent "Crazy Stupid Love", is cute, funny, and surprisingly romantic.

Per H (ca) wrote: Enligt mitt tycke en underskattad thriller med erotiska undertoner som handlar om voyeurism men vne om ond brd dd i en byggnad med lgenheter. Kom ret efter "Basic Instict" och mnga tyckte den var fr lik den men ger man den en chans s upptcker man att den r lika bra som den. Bra skdespelare ven om man undrar var som har hnt med William Baldwin, har inte sett han i nt nytt p lnge. 7/10

Robert G (nl) wrote: With the kind of star power that this movie had I guess I was just expecting more from it. The movie was good, very enjoyable. But I am relatively sure I will forget this movie, it just isn't memorable.