Cold Light of Day

Cold Light of Day

True story of serial Killer Dennis Nilsen.

True story of serial Killer Dennis Nilsen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clare C (jp) wrote: Some funny bits but film doesn't hang together, despite mega-star cast.

Marcus M (ca) wrote: Let down by its lousy editing and acting, the only highlight is the shootout midway through the movie.

Farah R (ca) wrote: Act of Valor is undeniably creative in its cinematography and camera work. The way its action sequences resemble a video game is highly exhilarating. And praise to the actors who portrayed every aspect of a Navy Seal's trials and tribulations in war. With emotion, realism, and a brilliant credits song, this movie is not one to easily forget.

Jeanette D (mx) wrote: This movie made me absolutely BAWL my eyes out. Must see if you or someone you know is dealing with a family member who has Alzheimers/Dementia. Such a sweet, sad and real movie.

Pia K (kr) wrote: Kannatti katsoa!! (Suom. Elm kuin romaani)

Cole B (de) wrote: An extremely well-made, very interesting documentary on the Weather Underground, a American terrorist group during the Vietnam War era. From historical footage to present-day interviews with the members themselves, this film ponders the citizen shadowed by the giants of government and capitalism.

Lawrence G (ag) wrote: ......So this happened

Sam M (kr) wrote: A drama well done by Woody.

Adam T (de) wrote: Picture this- a woman with colossal breasts, a chicken being hypnotised by a farm boy, a blind accordion player...yep it's another visually sumptuous travelling circus from that master of Italian cinema: Frederico Fellini.I don't entirely 'get' his films, I have to say but they never fail to leave an impression on me. His movies do have a wonderful look about them and he has a very distinct, eccentric Mediterranean style

Andr D (jp) wrote: "Airport" es una cinta decente acerca de un inminente desastre areo, apoyada con un reparto decente de actores, entre los que se destacan Dean Martin, Burt Lancaster y Helen Hayes. Tuvo varias secuelas de calidad irregular.

Chris W (de) wrote: It's still funny after 85 years, and most of all, the ending is one of the best scene in my opinion.

Cameron M (gb) wrote: For what kind of movie it is the Lazarus Effect is an admittedly cheesy though still creepy thriller, but in light of its central idea, it should have been much better.