Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain

In this classic story of love and devotion set against the backdrop of the American Civil War, a wounded Confederate soldier named W.P. Inman deserts his unit and travels across the South, aiming to return to his young wife, Ada, who he left behind to tend their farm. As Inman makes his perilous journey home, Ada struggles to keep their home intact with the assistance of Ruby, a mysterious drifter sent to help her by a kindly neighbor.

The movie follows Inman, a Civil War Confederate soldier, who is seriously wounded in battle before heading home to North Carolina to his pre-war beloved, Ada. This is a tale of hope, longing, redemption, second chances, and faith. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cold Mountain torrent reviews

Amad A (gb) wrote: jannat hai kahan lol

Andrew C (us) wrote: Insane life of a rich trophy wife. Riches to "rags" story?

Collin R (it) wrote: one of the worst movies I have actually managed to finish

Katherine C (mx) wrote: Brilliant acting and a great story combine to make this a highly enjoyable movie, but it's not for everyone. The storyline is not an arc; it is a flat telling of events. I love that about it, and this is one of my favorites.

Skip F (mx) wrote: Grown ups playing Cowboys and Indians with cap pistols -- errr.... Cowboys and Bad Guys.

Jim R (it) wrote: Bullitt made it possible for guys like me to kick ass & take names while wearing a turtleneck or cardigan. Thank you, Steve McQueen.

E Quique B (nl) wrote: 92% An animated film that shows you a lot of humanity causing you something weird and making you forget youre watching a cartoon.