Cold Storage

Cold Storage

A backwoods recluse steals the body of a young girl killed in a violent car crash, locking her in the freezer of his isolated shed as her sister and boyfriend search frantically for any clues to her whereabouts. The woman of Clive's dreams may be dead, but she'll always be true and she'll never grow old - at least as long as he keeps her on ice. When Cathy and Deric show up looking for the missing traveler, Clive takes them both hostage in a sinister bid to hide his ghoulish secret. ~ Jason Buchanan

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A young woman has a fatal car accident, and is discovered by a simple-minded mountain hermit. He takes her lifeless body back to his cabin. There he nurtures her as if she were alive... and in his mind she is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cold Storage torrent reviews

Jrmy W (ag) wrote: Trs mauvais: incohrent, ennuyeux et prvisible + acteurs mdiocres.

Eric S (us) wrote: I am a big fan of the web series but I couldn't finish this. Too cheesy, long, boring, and overall waste of time.

Tommaso D (ru) wrote: Martha Marcy May Marlene is an art movie undoubtedly full of great acting performances, such as Elizabeth Olsen's.But at the end of it, I couldn't feel satisfied with the movie and what it was trying to say.

Queenella K (fr) wrote: felt heart broken for the kid, but touched how he helped the kid to grow~~

Vikram T (kr) wrote: i love the camera work..must have seen the movie just for the camera work like already 5 times... the way it kept on moving...freely. a bit too overrated at first but i found it good. esp the girl jiah khan. why the hell are people comparing it with Lolita. it's so different from the movie... lolita the professor gets married with his lovers mother. i thought it was different. a 3 from me...the ending was bad... im in love with Jiah Khan... though.. She such a hotttiee.. ***** Oh Jiah... Banja Meri Piya... ********JP Her song Take lite is addicting.. she a good singer,dancer and a actress...WOOOHOO go Jiah... i saw it came on Sarhara one today.. and man...Jiah looked hottt... sorry jiah im being a perv on you...but i really think you should be my piya.. JKKK> laughing hard like a kuta... p.s. the camera work is just awesome.. IT"S A MUST SEE in theatres..if they are playing it again..

Jim F (au) wrote: This was not great. Levin spends most of this time saying stuff along the lines of "Can you believe anyone believes this?" instead of trying to prove why they shouldn't.

Adrienne M (kr) wrote: I loved this little movie. Proves you don't need to spend a bundle, just have a story. Heartwarming, but not too sickly sweet or corny. Nice little twist at the end, too.

Itamar K (au) wrote: A fascinating documentary with several layers - it's an intriguing historical document, it's a document about the psychology of Capital Punishment, about the obsession and desperation of "professional" holocaust deniers, and a psychological document of one man's loneliness, and his desire to be accepted into a group at any price. Dark, disturbing and fascinating.

James C (mx) wrote: A few funny parts, but overall it was a mess.

Jhaneb K (kr) wrote: Amir was awesome speically the song in which was drunk was the high point Amir truly stole the show there.

Juli N (kr) wrote: Sydney is the catalyst, the driving force of this film! He's the kind of guy who wins even when he loses because he's always 2 steps ahead of the other guy! He plays for keeps and stays in the game by playing his cards close to his vest and never ever leaves anything to chance!

Alberto G (kr) wrote: Don't know what was the big deal about this movie. It was very stupid and almost laugh-free. I guess it was all about Bill Murray that made it so special.

Leonard D (nl) wrote: Despite the way it ends, this film kept me from going to sleep for almost a month! That's saying something!

doris c (ru) wrote: Now there's an actress...brill in her time....

Tim S (us) wrote: In all honesty, I dislike all of the troublesome teenager movies that I've seen from the 1950's and 1960's. Most of them are just bad movies and the teenagers usually act completely over the top and unrealistically, and in Hot Rods to Hell, they do just that. Poor Dana Andrews stars in this stinker as a father who moves his family across the country to a new town, only to be harassed and nearly killed by the local hot rodding teenagers. I would almost call this a Z grade movie because of how terrible the performances are, not to mention that Dana Andrews appears to have been drinking a bit on set (I don't know that for sure, of course, but he comes off that way). There's some unintentional comedy to be found in this for sure, but overall, it's a terrible movie with subject matter that has never interested me in the least.

Sophia B (br) wrote: I love this movie <3 I love the Marx Brothers, mostly Groucho, SOOO MUCH! I also love the movie a night at the opera :)

X T (gb) wrote: pure pulp, with some ridiculous, even surreal moments. Each episode exude an atmosphere of fear and conspiracy, and while some subplots can get predictable the overall narrative direction wanders all over the place. I can see how Bunuel was influenced by the outrageous/surreal elements of Feuillade's work as well as the film's attack on the bourgeoisie. One scene featuring a party of bourgeoisie trying to get out of a room perhaps inspired The Exterminating Angel. Since the film is 90 years old the film suffers from unnecessary plot exposition. In addition the film is very much plot driven and the main characters are not really interesting, perhaps except for Irma Vep, played by the charismatic and seductive Musidora. Stylistically the films features mostly static deep focus shots shot on location.

Hoan L (it) wrote: Emotional. The ending is not done well, though