Cold Sun

Cold Sun

A drama about a group of criminals who are targeting rich and successful...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
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A drama about a group of criminals who are targeting rich and successful... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cold Sun torrent reviews

Steve D (ag) wrote: An ok revenge flick only notable because of Reno

Tim B (mx) wrote: This movie cheats. Rather than following the plot of one serious/comedic love affair, It does 10. But each story is not left in the dust by the others. In fact, each story is appropriately long (20ish minutes for each story). Even better, the stories collide together frequently in humorous but meaningful ways - the richest and the poorest all have chances and challenges with love. From your pre-teen years to your late 60s, "Love Actually" feels relateable for the whole audience. Overall, a very nifty feel-good film. (Watch out: lots of nudity)

Jacob B (fr) wrote: Arguably one of the best Harry Potter movies to date, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban manages to be not only darker than its predecessors but also more visually dazzling, funnier, and more intriguing with some stellar performances from Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Michael Gambon who makes just as good an Albus Dumbledore as his predecessor Richard Harris, Alan Rickman, David Thewlis in the role of Professor Lupin and Gary Oldman as Sirius Black.

PaTy h (it) wrote: Llorar y rer al mismo tiempo -__-Nunca me aburri

Meag M (de) wrote: Tennant is absolutely brilliant! (of course when is he not?)The best Hamlet performance."Except my life! Rrrr, raah rrr" XD

stefn birgir s (au) wrote: Silly spoof of the Exorcist, with Linda Blair herself. Leslie is funny as alway.

Sarah H (fr) wrote: I thought it was adorable and romantic and funny! It a good movie!

David O (fr) wrote: Why is this movie so hard to find?

Kim D (ru) wrote: A great movie about teen pressure and friendships.

Antonius B (gb) wrote: William Powell is delightful, Jean Harlow is warm and vulnerable, Rosalind Russell is charming, and even Franchot Tone, who plays a millionaire playboy who jilts Russell for Harlow without truly knowing his own mind, is witty. The dialog, particularly in the first half of the movie, is light and amusing, and there are a couple of nice musical numbers. It gets a little fast paced and soap operatic towards the end, but it's always entertaining. This is the film that got Powell and Harlow together personally for the last two years of her life, and their chemistry shows. The early scene with them lounging together and him proposing in his own way as she drowses off is fantastic, and Powell's scenes with the old granny are also priceless. It's also fun to see a young Mickey Rooney in a couple of scenes. Not perfect but watch this one for the cast and their performances.

Al M (gb) wrote: Aldo Lado proves again that he is one of the undisputed masters of the giallo--Who Saw Her Die? is a creepy, stylish, brutal, and sexy piece of filmmaking. It exhudes all of the hallmarks of the genre in the most striking way possible. Lado belongs beside Bava, Argento, and Martino as one of the genre's gods. He brings a haunting aura to a tale of perversity and cruelity, and Ennio Morricone's chilling score helps to further elevate this to classic status. Lado uses the Venice setting to full effect to create a brooding, fog-drenched, and gothic piece of suspense that, as a reviewer below notes, hints towards Nicolas Roeg's classic Don't Look Now. A tale of a father whose daughter is brutally murdered in a manner similar to a girl who was murdered a year or so earlier. The father begins to investigate and uncovers a conspiracy of perversion. Hence, Who Saw Her Die? not only participates in the giallo genre but also in the 1970s conspiracy genre along with classics like The Parallax View. If you enjoy giallo,the Who Saw Her Die? will not fail to disappoint. If you are new to the genre, then I tihnk you will still be impressed.

Yuri B (jp) wrote: This was one of my favorite George C. Scott films... plus this was first time I had ever seen Hutton, Penn & Cruise... & they all went on to have stellar careers.

Scott N (it) wrote: from my childhood I remember it being good fun