Cold War

Cold War

They say Hong Kong is the safest city in Asia. But tonight, a police van has been hijacked along with the arms, equipment and the five officers aboard, one of the hostages being the only son of police deputy commissioner M.B. Lee! With the chief commissioner away on a conference overseas, the fiery Lee immediately takes command of the rescue operation – codenamed "Cold War" – but the mysterious kidnappers clearly know the police procedures and are therefore in an advantageous position. Objecting to Lee's aggressive but futile methods, the other deputy commissioner Sean Lau steps in at this time of crisis to lead the operation. But even Lau's careful plan to negotiate with the kidnappers ends up a failure, losing the $50 million cash ransom and the life of his lieutenant in the process. Meanwhile, the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) begins to investigate Lau and Lee on suspicion of having hidden ties to the kidnappers...

The police department has long been untouchable until tonight when hijackers kidnap 5 highly trained officers. The kidnappers stay several steps ahead of the police until two rival cops take charge of the rescue operation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fidel A (es) wrote: A young, fresh twist on an old, zombie tale.

Susie R (us) wrote: Only watchable if you're a girl into Kellen (hence the star & 1/2) Otherwise, Boring!

Dave J (jp) wrote: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 (2009) The Assistants COMEDY/ DRAMA "The Assistants" as this film is called refers to a group of 'wannabe film students" who are trying to get their first big break into the film world. Written and directed by Steve Morris, the movie plays in such a pretentious fashion that who knew that it was a supposed to be a comedy. To make a long story short, Gary Greene (Joe Mantegna) is a hot shot producer, who's ordering his assistant, Jack Ryder (Chris Conner) to go through a box of worthless scripts. And although, he's trying to get out of it by making the dreaded 'pick up my father excuse', his job then gets put on the line if he doesn't comply. He does, but instead of him going through them, he dumps this kind of responsibility onto his 'wannabe film assistants', and they in turn devised a plan to concoct a brief synopsis in order for him to find, that is completely made-up, calling it "Journey's End". And then by chance, hot shot producer Gary Greene green lights it, putting Jack and company into a complicated situation. Stacy Keach and Jane Seymour also stars. Because I've read so much about the film industry as well as see so many documentaries about it, this film doesn't offer me anything I don't know myself, and if it's supposed to be a comedy then it's also failed on that aspect as well since I haven't laughed at a single moment. And the songs chosen for this film is amongst the worst as I've ever heard it. 1 star out of 4 stars

Brendan M (au) wrote: Interesting idea for a noir.

Mark P (ag) wrote: creepy thriller. quite good

Thomas M (ca) wrote: It's a bit like 'My Cousin Vinny' meets '12 Angry Men'.

Grant T (it) wrote: Enjoyed it as a kid. Could have been worse

Tiffany L (es) wrote: awww that was a cute movie when i was little.

Steve S (nl) wrote: *** (out of four) When his boss plans to retire, a man (Willem Dafoe) rethinks his life and job as a drug runner. Paul Schrader, the writer of "Taxi Diver" delivers a decent and moody thriller with good performances.

Alex V (nl) wrote: Enthralling enough if not fully impactful

Alexander C (de) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Noel B (kr) wrote: The cameras were set up outside my grandparents' house in Pembroke Square to shoot some exteriors, so I'm more than usually attached to this film. Peter Finch's brief speech to camera at the end while listening to Cosi Fan Tutti is one of my favourite film endings, the perfect close to a very good film.

Bruno V (gb) wrote: Sometime the hating has to stop...Interesting good movie to see one time . I would have killed the Nagase -dude . nice

Muffin M (es) wrote: A 40-ton truck is a lethal weapon and veteran driver Jack Crews (Patrick Swayze) knows how to use it. Desperate for cash, he's got one last delivery to make. The trip's barely begun when he and partner Earl (Randy Travis) discover they've been set up and are being chased by Red (Meat Loaf), a relentless fanatic who's as deadly as he is greedy. Now, with his family, his life and his freedom on the line, Jack's going to buckle up, put the pedal down and show Red and the Feds a thing or two about road rage. After being double-crossed and rudely underestimated, Jack and Earl shift gears, becoming a two-man wrecking crew, trucking down the highway blazing a trail of diesel-powered destruction.also stars Gabriel Casseus, Brian Vincent, Brenda Strong, Graham Beckel, Stephen Tobolowsky and Charles S. Dutton.directed by Kevin Hooks.