Cold Waves

Cold Waves

"While Ceausescu was alive, we knew who was good (the West and the United States) and who was evil. Since then, things have become more complicated." Filmmaker Alexandru Solomon believes the story of this propaganda war can help us discern the shades of grey in contemporary conflicts. "Look at our Radio Free Europe editors: you could be fighting on the right side and still be part of a dirty game."

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Cold Waves torrent reviews

Rajinder B (de) wrote: if you loved Himmatwalla then this movie is for you.

Mark O (au) wrote: Pretty good. I prefer Braff's Garden State though.

Rob B (de) wrote: The unofficial true sequel to The Wicker Man.Full of fantastic imagery, sounds and ideas, this woozy dreamscape is set to become an annual Halloween watch in this house. "God hates the Lords of Salem", but I love it.

Pratick R (jp) wrote: why are they still using this system. and this only touches part of the holistic problem with the system, its sad to think that some third world country is probably doing better..

Aman A (nl) wrote: Best Movie EVER made in Bollywood (or even Hollywood). Beats Sholay and Pulp Fiction according to me. I will not review it further otherwise I will end up writing 2000 words. *bow down*

Marques M (ca) wrote: This "movie" has studio machinations written all over it.

Mark M (ag) wrote: Great movie, one sure to bring laughs to the young and old alike.

Ian W (ru) wrote: Exceedingly strange and complete against the Super Mario Bros game. When they say this is terrible I really wanted to give it a chance but, it really is as bad as you have heard. The only saving grace is that both Queen and Roxette are part of the soundtrack.