A wild weekend is in store for three high school seniors who visit a local college campus as prospective freshmen.

This is a comedy film about three high school students who has a wild weekend trip in the college as prospective fresh students. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven M (gb) wrote: The movie had no real point. A text message which says "Goodbye, World" sends to millions of phones. Somehow it causes the end of the world. This movie was fairly boring and not worth my time. I guess there is a reason why it is on Netflix...

Bryan G (us) wrote: There was a period where Full Moon was a reigning champion of the straight to video market. When I was younger, there were many of their films that I was a huge fan of. And even still to this day there are films I enjoy immensely and have part of my DVD collection. Unfortunately these days the studio is hit and miss with their newer films. Skull Heads is one of Charles Band's recent releases for his studio, and I decided to give it a chance hoping that this film would be a return to the glory days of this studio. Seems like Band is obsessed with mostly doing films that feature small creations as the monster(s) of the film. I guess since the Puppet Master series is probably their most recognized series, the more you stick with doing puppet sized monsters the more likely you are going to get people to watch your film. I mean, the fact that there were little monsters in this film played a large part in my decision to watch this one. I like the look of the skull head creatures, but that is about it. They are poorly animated, resorting to simple techniques like having the creature lean from behind a large object and using cheap CGI effects to warp the face of them to give the impression that they are alive. And for a film that is called Skull Heads, these little guys don't play much of a part in the story. The film is more about a dysfunctional family that lives in a castle in Italy, and their attempts to shun out the modern world from their lives. The Arkoff family isn't a very interesting family, nor is their bizarre behavior as memorable as other Full Moon movie families like the one in Head of the Family. The movie tries to make Carver (Steve Kramer) and Lisbeth (Samantha Light) into sinister parents to their daughter Naomi (Robin Sydney), but all of their cruel behavior is laughably phony looking. And as the film progressed and the more that is revealed about this family, I couldn't help but find them more and more comedic than frightening. There was a slight zombie twist at the end of Skull Heads, but not enough of one for me to rate this one a little higher. Skull Heads isn't the film I was looking for, one that showed that Full Moon still had good ideas left. Compared to what Gingerdead Man 2 was capable of doing, it is disappointing to see a new Full Moon film with little menaces turn out to be such a huge disappointment.

aladdin a (es) wrote: what a message they are sending..... bull shit

David B (nl) wrote: I Just watched this and thought it was a fantastic movie. Interesting twist for a revelations story and very entertaining.

Bill M (nl) wrote: I wanted to hate it but by the end I had to say that it was pretty good.

SFG 7 (es) wrote: "His life was the morning after, until he decided to change the night before"

Abb J (de) wrote: What Lies Beneath: Michelle Pfeiffer stars in this paranormal thriller about a housewife who suspects the ghost of one of her husband's missing students may be behind some strange occurrences around her home. But is it her over-active imagination or a really a ghost? The story truly is over-the-top, with a climactic roller-coaster that, thanks to some slick production, is so entertaining you overlook its sheer ridiculousness. B+

Deb Freddy W (fr) wrote: LOL................. Corker of a film!!!!

Jon C (ca) wrote: you can look at this depending on what your viewpoint is; either respect its intentions or be immediately turned off by its gratuitous natureyou still cant argue that it is the quintessential revenge flickall Jennifer wanted to do was getaway from the big city and work on her passion of writingshe ran into the wrong kinds of people and ended up being completely destroyedI will be honest; the rape scenes particularly the 2nd one being committed are extremely hard to get through because of the harsh naturebut gladly rather than ignore the haineous act she decides to get back at the men by completely turning to her own form of justice, her character not only still remains attractive but also becomes stronger, smarter, and more clever from the ordealthe gore and the kill scenes are undeniably brutalthe pace is a slow build-up and takes its time to kick things off but it all leads to a bloody showdownpeople can call this a 'snuff' film and real-exploitation it can go either waybut the main thing in all of this makes a critical statement about rape and how it should be confronted

Dillon L (br) wrote: solid outing like that ending

Daphne M (ca) wrote: Oldie but still a sad good one :(

Timm S (br) wrote: Slow-paced Thriller..If There Ever Can Be Such A Thing?? About Two Jaded Men Discovering What It Takes To Not Let The World Get The Better Of Them & Their Ego. The Two Long Drawn Out Heist Break-In Scenes Involving Caine Are Quite Epic Though..Draw You Right In.

Simon D (gb) wrote: Not bad, some creative character creations but it's not that funny really and the main characters are voiced by Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez.

Christian G (jp) wrote: Mala a morir, mal guin, malos actores, mal todo, empezando porque la hicieron de un tipo que merece una tumba annima.

Brandon W (gb) wrote: The Kingdom is directed by Peter Berg, and it stars Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, and Jason Bateman in an action thriller about a small FBI investigative team going to Saudi Arabia when there was a bombing attack there. I wasn't really hyped up to go see this as I felt like this isn't going to be interesting, despite the fact that it has Peter Berg as the director. I enjoyed the film, but I'm probably not going to remember much about The Kingdom. The acting is terrific in this, and the direction by Peter Berg is really good, especially with the action scenes which are the most entertaining part of the film. The characters are fine, although Jamie Foxx and Ashraf Barhom's characters are the most developed out of them all. It's nice to see that the movie addresses it out that not all of the Saudi Arabia citizens are portrayed evil, and the soundtrack by Danny Elfman is really nice and a different approach to his usuals. The script by Matthew Michael Carnahan is fine, but it was going through a formula that you seen before in other action films. I wasn't as interested as I thought was going to be from director Peter Berg, but I was mildly interested at best. The Kingdom is not one of Peter Berg's best films, but it's not Battleship, so I'm ok with that.