College Girl on Vacation

College Girl on Vacation


Massimo Castaldi (Montagnani) is a social climber married to Violante (Marisa Mell) who comes from a rich family. His relationship with his mistress Laura (Cinzia De Ponti) is jeopardised when the family moves to their summer house on the Pugliese coast. Nevertheless, Massimo seems to find a solution. His raunchy daughter Sonia (Sabrina Siani) failed in Italian and he plans to present Laura as a nun who will give Sonia private lessons for her compensation exam. On the other hand, there are two dim-witted criminals, Terenzio (Alvaro Vitali) and Fulgenzio (Gianni Ciardo), who are planning to abduct a Castaldi family member for good ransom money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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