College Girls

College Girls

What Is College Life... But... Kicks!

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Cathy G (au) wrote: This movie is a copy and paste job from beginning to end. The "scares" are copied from every cliched, not-worth-your-time movies out there. The super loud bang out of the blue (the only reason you flinch) is a cat, a shutter slamming in the wind, a dream. Yep, they even resort to the lazy, "Oh,it was only a dream" cliche several times. The very predictable ending was also copied: from at least 200 other bad, made-for-tv movies. Don't waste your time watching this movie, since you've already seen it before, one piece from that movie, another piece from that other movie, and unfortunately, none of the pieces are worth watching again.

Nate J (gb) wrote: A solid, heartbreaking tale with some incredible acting and a story that plays havoc with your emotions. Vikander was outstanding. The cinematography is stunning, some beautifully crafted shots and scenery that draws your attention, this is a great story and a treat for the eyes.

The N (de) wrote: pelcula de zombies, versin cursi

Angela K (nl) wrote: This was a nice movie, not deep, not funny, relaxing... A Festival film about a boy getting ready to move to Rome with his mother spends some quality time with his Mexican father fishing near the coral reefs of Banco Chinchorro.

Jesse B (gb) wrote: It is what it is. If you like these films, this one is an alright addition to the...franchise? Not as good as some of the other ones out there (I can't believe I wrote that) but I wouldn't kick it out of bed.

Vrettos L (ag) wrote: This crosses so many lines and provokes ethics in so many ways that no supposed underlying meanings justify its depravity. Is its second half the sickest thing you'll possibly ever see on film? Yes. Is it worth your endurance? Just for the experience, if you can handle it.

Kelly M (mx) wrote: This movie brought up some serious issues , too bad they couldn't present them on a more serious platform.

Arthuro M (nl) wrote: It's so obvious that you can't believe it's true. That's not a good thing. It's nice to look at though.

Mike B (us) wrote: A decent story, the visuals are really incredible, but can drain you from straining to see everything.

Stacy (fr) wrote: i enjoyed it! LOVED the ending!So not what i expected!

Michael Lee T (us) wrote: An intense and intriguingly gripping character driven feature directed by Mary Harron. American Psycho revolves around Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), a wealthy New York investment banking executive that continually hides his deranged psychopathic alter ego from co-workers and friends.The film revolves around strong themes of materialism, narcissism and mental illness, showing them in a well paced and stylish way, creating very dark humour throughout. It also perfectly depicts a culture where greed and success are everything, showing the implications of such pressures through Patrick Bateman's mental state. The film is driven by the ego of the main character and ultimately its his downfall as a result of this ego, that brings his sanity into question. This change in character, from focused to helpless, makes American Psycho so impressive. Bale is fantastic, giving a chilling and powerful performance that sticks in the memory.What I loved about this film was the very clever and though-provoking ambiguous ending. It leaves things up to interpretation and as a result it forces you to consider what has happened in the film prior.

Ken S (us) wrote: Steve Martin and Carl Reiner reteam after "The Jerk" for this parody and loving homage to the film noirs of 40s and 50s, which throws Martin into old footage from classic movies and reworks them into a new story. It is good fun, and Martin is his usual best as the lead. If you enjoy old noir films, this is a fun comedy film, but I really think you have to have an appreciation of those old films to really get into this. I love oddball comedies like this.

Bryan M (kr) wrote: Really great and quirky indie rom-com movie!