College Holiday

College Holiday

College students rally to save a struggling hotel from closing. Comedy.

Expecting to put on a musical show, singing and dancing college students are brought to a struggling hotel to be guinea pigs in an ancient Greek-themed eugenics experiment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


College Holiday torrent reviews

Sathi S (kr) wrote: Started out as background movie for my chores but quickly took me away from my work and had me hooked. Loved Mary's determination to fight her own fears as well as fathers. Especially loved the unconditional love & support her husband gave her, truly what marriage is really about.

Greg H (br) wrote: The best in Troma-style gore and general wrong-ness. Funny but in a really bad way?wtf does that mean? It's funny as shit.

Antonin C (mx) wrote: Ouai ba c'est franchement pas folichon.L'histoire en soi n est pas assez geniale pour passionner, pas assez originale pour intriguer, mais bon assez attachante pour tenir en haleine. C'est un remake implicite du Pale Rider avec Clint Eastwood.L'ennui c'est l'action principalement. Les gunfights sont lents, bourres d'effets pas franchement necessaires (ces affreux ralentis).Les rixes au corps a corps sont vraiment mal decoupees, courtes, on comprend mal ce que fait Dolph (meme si on devine que c est douloureux), du coup un autre de ses atouts est gache. Les bad guys manquent cruellement de charisme, notamment Reno.Reste une petite ambiance western assez sympa, et le charisme de Dolphy : "He bah si, c'est moi !!!!".Un truc un peu genant, c'est le fait que le personnage de Dolph soit trop represente comme un etre celeste, pas totalement humain : Il a la sagesse, la foi, la bible, la toute puissance, il ne craint pas la douleur ni la mort, il aide les opprimes, il apparait comme par magie, il n a pas de nom, il a deja ete abattu.J'avais vraiment prefere Defender et Mechanik, qui, sans pretendre etre trop intellectuel, presentaient un bon sujet et/ou des bonnes scenes d'action qui defoulent vraiment. Dolph, tu m'as decu.

Kenny N (it) wrote: This one crept up on me. It's got a pure Hollywood gloss to it and features some big names, which sets it apart from the average B-movie which contains this exact same plot. (Spoiler alert!) Snuff films are a horror topic not often covered in films outside the exploitation world, and this is an attempt to do so Hollywood style. It's a short sharp shock that ticks by pretty fast, making it an effective time waster that still chills you and makes you think twice about taking the road less traveled.

mickey m (ca) wrote: The story is good i think, there are many good about it. A son who care about his parents and of course some bad things happen into his life.

Craig G (kr) wrote: In addition to an awesome title, this movie also has the fine attribute of having normally quiet Clint Eastwood doing his best jovial impersonation of director John Huston. It was fun to compare his voice to that of Daniel Day Lewis' character of Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. This movie about obsession had a few mesmerizing scenes and is often overlooked in relation to the rest of Eastwood's directing and acting career.

Hashaka E (ca) wrote: The legacy from that story is very much alive in mordern day football/soccer

morris d (gb) wrote: to be a robot movie they need to have more robots involved. the father son part of this movie is just a joke. this movie is just a sad rehash of Stallones movie Over the Top. at least Stallones movie made you care about the characters. this is just a waste of two hours of my life that i can never get back.

Paul J (au) wrote: The negative reviews are more of a opinion on the American President's policies than on the reality of the current environment which is that the Muslim extremists are the prime culprit of terrorism around the the world. And it's a hell of an action movie!

Mohamed F (kr) wrote: had to be the best prequel!